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RS53081 RTD Chlorine Free Spray hi.png
Rocol RTD CHLORINE FREE Spray 400ml

RTD Chlorine Free Spray 400ml is an aerosol applied metal cutting lubricant consisting of a concentrate of extreme pressure additives - suitable as a cutting fluid and cooling lubricant.

€27.24 *
RS53072 RTD Liquid 400ml hi.gif
Rocol RTD Liquid

RTD Liquid is a viscous, extreme pressure additive cutting fluid / coolant for use in broaching, tapping and drilling and other metal cutting operations.

€28.47 *
RS53020 RTD Compound 50g hi.gif
Rocol RTD Compound Tube 50g

RTD Compound in a 50g tube is a soft paste to be used in many metal cutting operations, such as reaming, tapping and drilling. It is suitable for all metals.

€7.16 *
RS53041 RTD Foamcut Spray hi.gif
Rocol RTD FOAMCUT Spray 300ml

RTD Foamcut 300ml is a specially formulated metal cutting lubricant for extreme pressure cutting performance in an economical foaming aerosol. Optimal as a cutting fluid and cooling lubricant.

€33.77 *
RS53023 RTD Compound 500g hi.png
Rocol RTD Compound Cutting Paste 500g

Doubles the durability of the tools when cutting metal

€19.76 *
RS53011 RTD Spray hi.png
Rocol RTD Spray

Fluid that increases the durability of tools when cutting metal - Content: Spray can: 400ml.

€29.33 *
RS53076 RTD Liquid 5L hi.jpg
Rocol Cutting Fluid RTD Liquid 5L

Efficient cutting fluid: Rocol RTD Liquid in a 5 l canister. Optimal for precise machining. Quality that convinces. Double the life of your tools!

€267.80 *

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