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RS53081 RTD Chlorine Free Spray hi.png
Rocol RTD CHLORINE FREE Spray 400ml

RTD Chlorine Free Spray 400ml is an aerosol applied metal cutting lubricant consisting of a concentrate of extreme pressure additives - suitable as a cutting fluid and cooling lubricant.

€27.24 *
RS12251 SAPPHIRE Aqua-Sil 85g lo.png
Rocol SAPPHIRE Aqua-Sil 500g

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme – Approved Product Excellent high temperature performance range Ideal for the assembly of rubber ‘O’ rings and seals Good resistance to chemicals, oils, water and gasses Compatible with most rubbers an...

From €24.29 *
RS69515 COLD GALVANISING Spray hi.gif
Rocol Cold Galvanising Spray 400ml

COLD GALVANISING Spray is a zinc-rich corrosion protection for long-term protection of metal components that require permanent coating (zinc spray dark).

€21.40 *
RS53041 RTD Foamcut Spray hi.gif
Rocol RTD FOAMCUT Spray 300ml

RTD Foamcut 300ml is a specially formulated metal cutting lubricant for extreme pressure cutting performance in an economical foaming aerosol. Optimal as a cutting fluid and cooling lubricant.

€33.77 *
RS53011 RTD Spray hi.png
Rocol RTD Spray

Fluid that increases the durability of tools when cutting metal - Content: Spray can: 400ml.

€29.33 *
RS10025 DRY MOLY Spray hi.gif
Rocol DRY MOLY Spray

Ideal where wet film lubricants cannot be tolerated Prevents galling, pick-up and seizure Resistant to high loads (up to 7,000 kg/cm2) Excellent wear resistance Wide temperature range of -50°C to + 450°C Fast drying Rolls Royce, RA...

€21.81 *
RS12441 SAPPHIRE Advance 2 380g hi.png

Outstanding EP performance Fortified with  PTFE Designed for high load, high speed and rapid start-stop applications Good corrosion resistance Temperature range of -30°C to +160ºC

€15.64 *
RS22001 CHAIN and DRIVE Spray hi.png
Rocol Chain & Drive Spray 300ml

ROCOL   CHAIN   &   DRIVE   Spray is a highly versatile, high performance, chain lubricant spray suitable for all types of drive and conveyor chains in a convenient aerosol can.

€19.96 *
ECommerce_Ready-WD-40 Multifunktionsprodukt Smart Straw 400ml 49425.jpg
WD-40 Multi-Use Penetrant Spray 400ml Smart Straw

Spray2Ways Technology.  Easy-to-use

€9.30 *
Rocol RT15 Grease.jpg
Rocol RT15 GREASE 400gr

ROCOL® FOMBLIN RT15 Grease 400gr ist ein für ein breites Anwendungsspektrum geeignetes Hochtemperaturfett auf Perfluorpolyether-Basis.

€680.82 *