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SCRUBS "IN-A-Bucket" Hand Cleaner Towels
Description Moist towels Colour Blue Towel Size 27 x 31 cm Scent Orange IMPA Code: 550287 Unit Sizes 72 Towels/Container Units/Carton 6 Pails
€24.00 *
ROCOL "Quick & Clean" Towels Bucket with 150 pc
QUICK & CLEAN is effective against: Oil Greases Paint Silicones Adhesives Sealants Bitumen Ink And many more! QUICK & CLEAN ’s alcohol-based formula is gentle enough to be used on hands, but tough enough for non-porous surfaces such as:...
€31.50 *
SCRUBS Surface | Desinfection Wipes
Soaked in disinfectant solution and designed for cleaning surfaces, equipment, materials, walls and floors, SCRUBS SURFACE wipes are ideally suited for effective and easy use without water. Surface wipes provide triple bactericidal,...
Content 72 Stück
€17.50 *