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Viking Arm Tool Gen.2 Lifting Tool
With a lifting capacity of up to 150 kg, the possible applications are almost unlimited. The installation of doors, windows, cabinets and kitchen appliances is obvious, but also flooring and the construction of canopies, terraces and...
€178.00 *
● Ruggedly built; indestructible ● Made in the USA from glass-filled nylon polymer ● Load rating of 100 lbs. ● Unconditionally guaranteed for life ● Labor-saving…back-saving
€59.14 *
EDMA board wedge for plasterboard | Bloc Plac II
The plate wedge is movable, only one person is required. The stirrup has been revised and is now extra wide, suitable for all safety shoes. The handle is movable and laterally offset to avoid contact with the thigh. The design of the...
€37.25 *
EDMA PLATE LIFT - Adjustable plate lifter...
Adjustable to different sizes of panels up to 665mm. The recommended maximum load: 25 kg. Centered carrying handle, independent of the panel width being transported.
€56.37 *