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LongLife All in One Folding Ruler 2m white
Material: 30% fiberglass reinforced polyamide, scratch, scratch and moisture resistant. Scale: Angle scale from 20 to 90° (outside contact) Depth scale up to 150 mm 2m duplex scale with reverse auxiliary scale "recto verso" for reading from both sides CE compliant Accuracy class III Design: 10 links, first link with extendable depth gauge Hanging angle measure on holding...
€9.50 *
ADGA Folding Ruler 230 2 m
The pin cams snap into the milled recesses of the wood and lock the scale links in place precisely and stably. The invisible fittings and the close-fitting links allow filigree advertising imprints even with the smallest font sizes on the entire high side surface. Wooden folding ruler 2 m 10 links Links with patented ADGA latching cam technology Links approx. 2.7 x 16 mm
€3.20 *
Swanson Metric Speed Square | Carpenters Square
With the Speed Square you have a tool in your hand that makes it easy to cut a wide variety of angles and lengths in different combinations on a workpiece. Of course, you can also easily measure angles with the Speed Square. A "must have" for everyone who works with wood - from carpenters to garage handymen. Great: there is a small instruction booklet (in English) that shows...
€34.90 *
LongLife 2m-LL-Plus-massstab.png
LongLife glass fibre folding ruler (black, 2m)
Material Fibreglass-reinforced polyamide is resistant to scratching, scoring and bending, is water-resistant and resistant to chemicals. Joint Backlash-free, wear-free and dirt-resistant construction joint with spring rod for evenly high tension. Useful 90° detent of all joints. Pitch Deep embossed black graduation in 1 mm steps, red embossed tens. Accuracy CE conformity, EU...
€6.30 *
Starrett K53M-200-N Try Square
Starrett K53M-200-N Try Square
A lightweight try square from Starrett for laying out 90 and 45 degree cuts. Try squares are usually used for first and second fix site carpentry but also prove very useful in the workshop for stock preparation. Made from cast aluminium and stainless steel, this well made square is marked in full mm on all four edges. Ideal for marking and measuring the right angles in wood...
From €8.30 *
PTF 25-1.png
SOLA PTF 25 Torpedo-Wasserwaage Kunststoff 25cm
Better, faster and more accurate reading thanks to patented SOLA FOCUS vials Better readability in dim light due to optimized SOLA luminous coating Low weight, distortion-free profile shape Break-resistant acrylic glass block vials with magnifying lens (+20 %) and 30-year leakproof guarantee No abrasion marks on tiles and stoneware Measuring surface with practical V-nut for...
€13.55 *
Sola aluminium Spirit Level Red 3 60
Shatterproof acrylic glass block vials with magnifying lens (+60 %) and 30-year leakproof guarantee Better readability in twilight thanks to optimised SOLA luminous coating Highest measuring precision in normal and envelope position Extra strong aluminium profile with reinforcing ribs for maximum stability Shock-absorbing 2-K end caps provide optimum protection against...
From €40.00 *
Sola carpenter's square ZWCA 600
Highly elastic and break resistant Highly abrasion-resistant, dirt-repellent coating Marking holes for convenient measurement transfer Very good readability of the measurement results due to increased contrast
From €30.53 *
SOLA Go! Smart Digital Inclinometer and Slope Meter
The digital GO! smart from SOLA combines the functions of a spirit level, an inclinometer and a protractor in a single device. Equipped with a backlit display and a magnetic base with a V-groove, this compact tool is great for a variety of applications. The GO! smart’s Bluetooth® interface means you have access to additional functions with the free SOLA Measures app. DIGITAL...
€65.00 *
Sola Aluminium Spirit Level Set BigX-Triplekombo | 3 pcs.
Better, faster and more accurate reading thanks to patented SOLA-FOCUS vials Shatterproof acrylic glass block vials with magnifying lens (+60 %) and 30-year leakproof guarantee Better readability in twilight thanks to optimised SOLA luminous coating Shock-absorbing 2-K end caps provide optimum protection against damage Very high measuring accuracy in normal and envelope...
€151.00 *
TrigJig RSA300 Adjustable Rafter Square
With 6 marking gauges on the front of the tool, the RSA300 Adjustable can be used on many carpentry and fabrication projects, although its specialty is roofing and large timbers. The RSA300 is manufactured from the highest quality 4mm thick European T6 aluminum. Each tool is CNC machined by us to tight tolerances, with a right angle precision of +/- 0.008° along its entire...
€154.99 *
TrigJig Carpenter Square CS180
TrigJig Carpenter Square CS180
The CS180 is machined from a high quality cast aluminum tooling plate. The one-piece aluminum angle is milled in several passes to ensure absolute squareness. In addition, the flat angle is matt-blasted by glass bead blasting and then anodized. Anodizing creates a hard protective layer on the surface that offers corrosion and scratch resistance. There are two handy...
From €88.99 *
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