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Measuring & Testing

Discover our diverse selection of measuring devices and test tools now and secure the tools you need for your project.

Discover our diverse selection of measuring devices and test tools now and secure the tools you need for your project. read more »
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Measuring & Testing

Discover our diverse selection of measuring devices and test tools now and secure the tools you need for your project.

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LongLife All in One Folding Ruler 2m white
Material: 30% fiberglass reinforced polyamide, scratch, scratch and moisture resistant. Scale: Angle scale from 20 to 90° (outside contact) Depth scale up to 150 mm 2m duplex scale with reverse auxiliary scale "recto verso" for reading...
€9.50 *
ADGA Folding Ruler 230 2 m
The pin cams snap into the milled recesses of the wood and lock the scale links in place precisely and stably. The invisible fittings and the close-fitting links allow filigree advertising imprints even with the smallest font sizes on...
€3.20 *
Sola Small Spirit Level R102 green SB
ADVANTAGES R 102 Precise, CNC-milled horizontal and vertical spirit level Electrically non-conductive, break-proof acrylic glass Compact, light, handy Resistant to water, heat and cold Printed scale in 5 mm increments Transparent...
€17.18 *
ToughBuilt 30 ft Cross Line Laser Level
Are you tired of relying on inaccurate hand measurements? Do you want to increase your efficiency and achieve precise results at the same time? Then we have just the thing for you: the Toughbuilt Cross Line Laser, which is self-leveling...
€173.45 *
LongLife Folding Ruler 2m signal red recto...
Material Fiberglass-reinforced polyamide Features Scratch resistance Water and chemical resistance Particularly resistant to bending Patent joint Free of play, wear and intesitive Patent joint with spring rod for uniformly high tension...
€6.55 *
Laserliner Voltage Detector ActiveFinder Pro
Are you looking for a reliable device that helps you detect electrical lines with ease? The Laserliner ActiveFinder Pro is here to make your work safer and more efficient! The contactless voltage tester enables a high level of work...
€22.95 *
Swanson Metric Speed Square | Carpenters Square
With the Speed Square you have a tool in your hand that makes it easy to cut a wide variety of angles and lengths in different combinations on a workpiece. Of course, you can also easily measure angles with the Speed Square. A "must...
€34.90 *
Tracer Mitre Angle_Black-min.png
Tracer Mitre Angle | Marking Tool APMA1
The Mitre Angle Measuring Tool is another clever tool with a large array of measuring and marking features useful for every tradesman. Allowing you to easily take measurements and transfer them into beams, pipes and other workpieces....
€12.50 *
Hultafors mini try square
Hultafors mini try square
All-aluminum tool with CNC-machined edges for increased precision and durability. Laser etched graduations with excellent readability and wear resistance. Anti-glare anodized protective layer. On the back of the small and large version,...
From €18.29 *
Hultafors tape measure Talmeter 2 m
Hultafors tape measure Talmeter 2 m
The Talmeter tape measure is made of white, impact-resistant steel tape and has an ABS case. The diameter scale is located on the back of the tape. The circular function is optimal for marking round shapes. Other features: Width 16mm...
From €19.67 *
Hultafors angle PS 90
Hultafors angle PS 90
The shanks and blade fold for easy portability. The angle is suitable for working in the left or right position. Four points for snapping (22.5°, 45°, 67.5°, 90°). In addition, 21 other angles are drawn. The shanks and blade are made of...
From €57.85 *
Wasserwaage 134.jpg
Starrett Test Level and Plumb 2" x " No. 134
Made of cast iron with a satin nickel surface, all work surfaces are flat and genuine The leveling scale has two spirit levels at right angles for levelling cross tests without moving the tool and a plumb bob on top to check squareness...
€70.19 *
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