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Gedore Bricklayer's hammer, Berlin pattern 600 g
When it comes to professional masonry, the Gedore 8697240 Mason's Hammer in Berliner Form stands out as an indispensable tool. Designed with a steel tube handle and a durable plastic grip, this hammer is engineered for stability and...
€25.07 *
Hultafors masonry hammer MR 500
The hammer has a steel handle with an ergonomically shaped and ribbed handle that fits perfectly in the hand. The striking surface is hardened and the chisel is ground.
€38.16 *
Hultafors roof hammer PR 300 M
Hultafors roof hammer PR 300 M
The ergonomically shaped and ribbed handle fits perfectly in the hand.
From €48.58 *
WKS slag mallet 430g black
Weight: 430g Upper part ground and hardened Steel handles in an oval design corresponds to DIA 5133
€3.40 *
Bleihammer 3 kg mit Hickorystiel
380 mm 55x55x115 Auslaufartikel - nur so lange der Vorrat reicht | No longer available; only while stocks last
€47.50 *
Thor lead-hammer round 35x107mm 1.500g
Lead hammers have a heavy head and can therefore deliver a powerful blow, in which, however, the head is slightly deformed, so that the impulse is not exerted immediately, but over a (very short) period of time. Lead hammers are rare....
From €56.47 *
Stubai embossing iron with steel pipe
Weight: 1450g Length: 170mm Steel tube and rubber handle
€28.17 *
Schwan plaster hammer, rhenish form 1000 g
Stem and head are ring-wedged Quality tool made in Germany Head Weight: 1,000g Rhenish form
€11.00 *
Stanley FatMax Sledgehammer Blacksmith 1814g
Comfortable and non-slip handle with diamond pattern - safe work even with damp, dusty or oily hands
From €31.50 *
Schwan rubber mallet size 4/ Ø90mm
quality tool Ø90mm/ size 4 hard quality both sides smooth
€7.40 *