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ToughBuilt Seamer 3"

The ToughBuilt® 3 in. seamer features 1/4 in. depth markings, allowing the user to create faster, more accurate bends. 

€26.50 *
EDMA ULTRA-FIX® - assembly pliers for universal metal anchors

Maximize your work performance with the EDMA ULTRA-FIX® installation pliers for universal metal anchors. Strong, fast & reliable!

€41.76 *
Wiss 3" Hand Seamer, Offset Handle

The Crescent Wiss® Offset Hand Seamer is a powerful tool for bending or flattening sheet metal by hand.

€63.04 *
Lobster HR-200_01.jpg
Lobster Hand Riveter HR-200

Hand Riveter made in Japan. Sets rivets up to 4mm.

€34.50 *
GESIPA Flipper | Hand Riveter

Hand riveter with collecting container. For blind rivets up to 5 mm Ø aluminum and 4 mm Ø steel and stainless steel.

€73.00 *
Malco Metal Stud Crimper PL1R

Hand crimping pliers (drywall pliers) for joining sheet metal, e.g. U & CW profiles without screws or blind rivets.

€162.00 *
Channellock 7" HL Diag Cutting Plier Lap XLT

Channellock 337: High-performance diagonal cutters for pros.

€26.26 *
Channellock 10" Tongue & Groove Straight Jaw Pliers

Channellock water pump pliers with straight jaws and 90 degree teeth. Made in USA.

From €26.78 *
Channellock 8" HL Combination Plier E Series, Lap XLT

CHANNELLOCK® combination pliers offer a slim, lightweight design and feature Xtreme Leverage Technology (XLT™). Made in USA.

€37.39 *
Channellock 8" HL Long Nose Plier E Series, XLT

Channellock 8" combination pliers with pointed jaw and cutting edge. Made in USA.

€33.30 *
KNIPEX Combination pliers 180mm

This Knipex power combination pliers have 35% less effort compared to conventional combination pliers.

From €21.03 *
Knipex Combination pliers 200mm

This Knipex power combination plier has 35% less effort compared to conventional combination pliers.

€31.44 *
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