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ToughBuilt Seamer 3"
Made for durability and longer life and backed by a full lifetime warranty. The patent pending ergonomic grip design allows 2 hand positions: rearward grip for maximum leverage, and forward grip for maximum control. The flush pivot bolt...
€26.50 *
fine adjustment for optimal adaptation to different workpiece sizes and a hand-friendly handle position self-locking on pipes and nuts: no slipping on the workpiece, energy-saving work gripping surfaces with specially hardened teeth,...
From €21.41 *
Lobster HR-200_01.jpg
Lobster Hand Riveter HR-200
■ For professional and home use ■ Built-in damper reduces weight of shock ■ Sets rivets up to 4.0 mm (5/32”) Floating Jawcase Mechanism
€34.50 *
comfortable working thanks to the handy, slim design and internal opening spring s crewed joint for precise knife guidance, adjustable h igh gear ratio for energy-saving work c utting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC c hrome vanadium...
€38.36 *
Wiss 3" Hand Seamer, Offset Handle
Used for bending and flattening sheet metal Ideal for working in confined areas Optimal handle span for maximum power and comfortable operating range Ergonomic, single material non-slip handle grips provide excellent control and easy...
€63.04 *
GESIPA Flipper | Hand Riveter
The Flipper hand-held blind riveter for perfect one-handed use is a robust, stable setting tool with rivet mandrel collecting container. The one-handed operation enables a reduction in the amount of force required by approx. 40 percent....
€73.00 *
Malco Metal Stud Crimper PL1R
The PL1R Metal Stud Crimper features a unique punch and die shape that creates a rectangular crimp connection by bending over layered thicknesses of channel and stud at one time to form a sturdy bond without the use of fasteners. The...
€162.00 *
Channellock 7" HL Diag Cutting Plier Lap XLT
By positioning the rivet closer to the cutting edge, considerably less force is required to cut than other high leverage designs. State-of-the-art laser heat treating offers a strong and consistent pattern across the cutting edge for...
€23.50 *
Channellock 10" Tongue & Groove Straight Jaw...
The ORIGINAL STRAIGHT JAW Tongue & Groove Pliers provide a strong, versatile grip for use in both directions RELIABLE PERMALOCK® fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure with increased joint strength STRONG 90-degree, laser-hardened...
From €26.78 *
Channellock 8" HL Combination Plier E Series,...
XLT™ positions the rivet closer to the cutting edge so considerably less force is required to cut than other high leverage designs. State-of-the-art laser heat-treating offers a strong and consistent pattern across the cutting edge,...
€28.29 *
Channellock 8" HL Long Nose Plier E Series, XLT
COMBINATION Long Nose Pliers design is sleek, lightweight and includes an additional pipe grip feature XTREME LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY (XLT™) increases performance and reduces hand fatigue LASER heat-treated cutting edges perform better and...
€33.30 *
KNIPEX Combination pliers 180mm
easier work thanks to optimized translation easier to cut, grip powerfully, bend and pull long cutting edges for thicker cables with gripping zones for flat and round material for versatile use cutting edges additionally inductively...
From €19.12 *
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