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Heat Gun

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STEINEL Hot Air Blower 1620 S | 1600W
The entry into the world of hot air. Drying the plaster, lighting the barbecue or finally waxing the skis again: there is a lot to do around the house and elsewhere. It's good to have professional support. The HL 1620 S hot-air blower...
€48.61 *
STEINEL Hot air blower HL 1920 E | 2000W
A versatile tool for peeling and welding foils, welding plastics, shrinking cables, shaping, soldering, drying, thawing, removing paint and more. For demanding work. High-quality workmanship and a perfectly balanced centre of gravity...
€59.81 *
STEINEL Hot Air Blower HL 1821 S
Drying, welding, shaping, loosening, smoothing, foiling and much more - the powerful HL 1821 S hot air blower is the all-rounder for clever DIYers. Fire up the barbecue, weld tarpaulins, peel paint, remove weeds, shrink cables, defrost...
€29.99 *
STEINEL Heissluftgebläse HG 2220 E
STEINEL Heissluftgebläse HG 2220 E
€129.77 *