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The hallmark of quality in Japanese carpentry woodworking tools

Skilled Japanese craftmenship develop traditional Japanese woodworking tools. SHOGUN pull saws provide a superior performance for cutting soft and hard wood, green wood, PVC pipe, even new materials such as plywood, masonite and laminate. 

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Shogun Japanese Saw Dozuki-Mini *150mm (Nokogiri)
One of Shogun's most popular hand saws worldwide, this is a smaller Dozuki pull-saw, designed for precision work like dovetailing and tenons. It's a great size saw that makes it a go-to woodworking tool for many of our professional...
€29.50 *
Shogun Säge Ryoba.jpg
Japanese Saw Shogun RYOBA Universal 240mm
This means that fast and precise sawing of branches in trees, for example, is possible without any problems. Furthermore, sawing plywood and green wood is no problem. With the special double-deep toothing and the tooth spacing of 1.3 mm,...
€43.30 *