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Spare Refills

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BLEISPITZ Lead Graphite 2,8 mm
€5.99 *
BLEISPITZ Lead Mix for Dry <1416>
Allesschreiberminen rot und gelb für sehr glatte und dunkle Oberflächen (wasserfest) Graphit-Universalmine für raue und glatte Oberflächen, Glas, Metall, Fliesen, Kunststoff
€5.99 *
BLEISPITZ replacement refills BIG Dry (HB 6 pcs.)
Mechanical carpenter pencil (graphite lead HB) • Indestructible mechanic • Completely made of metal • 22 cm long – perfect for the folding rule pocket • Practical clip – no annoying rolling away • Extremely solid and durable • No wood waste • Safes resources and is environmentally friendly • Refillable with different, rectangular leads for nearly all surfaces and materials
€3.60 *
Pica BIG DRY spare refill set FOR ALL (12 pcs.)
the replacement leads are suitable for almost all materials whether dry or wet, smooth or rough, dusty or oily, the function of the leads is not impaired when painting over materials with emulsion paint, the lead colour does not bleed through the marking can be wiped off with a damp cloth from smooth surfaces The replacement leads are both refillable and replaceable
€9.50 *
Pica DRY Minen-Set Basis 4020
PICA marker Pica-Dry refills 4020 for deep hole marker Marks and writes on all material surfaces, even on dusty, rough, oily damp and dark surfaces Can be wiped off on smooth surfaces with a damp cloth Contents: 8 refills (graphite 4 refills), (red 2 refills) (yellow 2 refills) - (protect red and yellow from temperatures > 30°C)
€6.50 *
LYRA Dry Set <12 Minen>
LYRA Dry Set <12 Minen>
Suitable for Lyra Dry construction markers Marked on all surfaces Can be wiped clean from smooth surfaces with a damp cloth
From €4.38 *
Pica VISOR permanent refills white, 4 refills/case
For waterproof markings on almost all material surfaces, from glassy smooth to very rough Never dries out Always full power, from the first to the last stroke Highly economical: 1 refill replaces up to 5 conventional ink or paint markers Extremely environmentally friendly thanks to economical consumption and refilling in seconds Lead diameter: 10 mm, length: 85 mm Avoid lead...
€3.50 *
Pica Lead-Set "For All" for BIG Dry <6030>
universal – for almost all materials: dry or wet, smooth or rough, dusty or oily Can be wiped clean from smooth surfaces with a damp cloth Does not show through when painted over with dispersion paint
€9.83 *
Pica MASTER-SET Carpenter
Included in this set: - 1x Pica BIG Dry Longlife Construction Marker - 1x Pica BIG Dry refill set FOR ALL, graphite, red, white - 1x Pica Dry Longlife Automatic Pen - 1x Pica Dry refill set graphite FOR ALL 2B - 1x Pica Visor Permanent Industrial - 1x pouch Product description: The set is distinguished by its durability and simple functionality. The set is refillable with...
€43.50 *