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Pica Fine Dry Automatic Pencil 0,9 mm
Pica Fine Dry Longlife Automatic Pencil 0.9 NEW: Precision without sharpening The special lead diameter of only 0.9 mm is ideal for fine and precise marking, without sharpening High-tech push mechanism: for automatic lead feed for a...
€10.00 *
0099 Profi-Marker und Minen Produkt (2).jpg
BLEISPITZ Lead Graphit for Profimarker
€2.30 *
Bleispitz dry 2in1 1492 ohne Kappe.png
Bleispitz Deep Hole Marker 2in1
One pen – two functions • With cap: mechanical pencil for exact marking and writing • Without cap: deep-hole marker for drilling and installation work • Very durable design • Useful clip • Well-integrated sharpener inside the push button...
€8.50 *
Bleispitz Profi Marker 2018.jpg
BLEISPITZ Profi-Marker with graphite lead
Made of durable brass material, with useful clip Allwriter lead marks on almost any surface, no matter if it is dry or wet: cars, tiles, bricks, wet and dry wood, glass, rubber, tyres, ceramics, concrete, metal, plastic ... Graphite lead...
€8.50 *
Bleispitz dry BIG 1546 1.png
BLEISPITZ BIG Dry Mechanical Carpenter´s Pen
Mechanical carpenter pencil (graphite lead HB) • Indestructible mechanic • Completely made of metal • 22 cm long – perfect for the folding rule pocket • Practical clip – no annoying rolling away • Extremely solid and durable • No wood...
€10.50 *
BLEISPITZ Lead Mix for Dry <1416>
Allesschreiberminen rot und gelb für sehr glatte und dunkle Oberflächen (wasserfest) Graphit-Universalmine für raue und glatte Oberflächen, Glas, Metall, Fliesen, Kunststoff
€5.99 *
Pica Fine-Dry lead-set H
For the most precise markings Not suitable for glass-smooth, shiny surfaces With the integrated large eraser, markings can be corrected in a flash Diameter: 0.9mm, Length: 60mm
€3.33 *
Pica BIG DRY spare refill set FOR ALL (12 pcs.)
the replacement leads are suitable for almost all materials whether dry or wet, smooth or rough, dusty or oily, the function of the leads is not impaired when painting over materials with emulsion paint, the lead colour does not bleed...
€9.65 *
Pica Fine-Dry lead-set HB
Not suitable for glass-smooth, shiny surfaces For precision without sharpening With the integrated large eraser, markings can be corrected in a flash Diameter: 0.9mm, Length: 60mm
€3.33 *
Faber-Castell TK 9071 lead, HB, Ø 2.0 mm
TK 9071 leads for writing, drawing and sketching Suitable for TK 9400, TK 9500 and TK 4600 clutch pencils Lead diameter 2 mm Intense black lines Easily erasable 130 mm long Degree of hardness HB Content: 10 leads of one degree of...
€5.09 *
Faber-Castell TK 9400 clutch pencil, 4B, Ø 3,15 mm
Clutch pencil for writing, drawing and sketching Hexagonal barrel with ergonomic round grip Strong clutch holds the lead firmly Pocket size: 145 mm Including lead 4B, diameter 3.15 mm With hardness marking Refill with TK 9071 leads in 3...
€8.50 *
Faber-Castell TK 4600 clutch pencil, Ø 2 mm
Ausgestattet mit Clip und ergonomischen Griffrillen. Die kräftige Spannzange sorgt für festen Minensitz. Im Abschlußknopf ist zusätzlich ein Minenspitzer integriert.Der TK-Fallminenstift 4600 verfügt über einen schlanken Schaft in...
€7.35 *
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