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Stubai embossing iron with steel pipe
Weight: 1450g Length: 170mm Steel tube and rubber handle
€28.17 *
STUBAI Zugmesser | Reifmesser 240 mm
High-ground cutting edges PVC blade protection Blade width: 30mm Cutting length: 240mm
€33.80 *
STUBAI plastic hammer square plumber 145x75x35 mm
Make your roofing work easier with the high-quality STUBAI Square Plastic Hammer. With dimensions of 145x75x35 mm, this hammer is ideal for precise applications. Key features of the STUBAI Square Plastic Hammer: - Robust and durable...
€36.86 *
Stubai Hand Seamer 80 mm 45°, PVC, DG
The Stubai 45° hand seamer is exactly what you need. Made from high quality C45 carbon steel and with an insertion depth of 60mm, this tool is ideal for demanding crafts. The pierced design ensures optimum manoeuvrability and durability,...
€110.65 *