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The SOLA brand is characterised by perfect measuring tools. As a specialist in measuring and marking, we have been manufacturing a wide range of products for over 70 years, with which we provide targeted support to craftsmen in the construction industry. Our approach is to develop our products as closely as possible to the needs of our customers and to continuously optimise them.

SOLA brand product innovations are characterised by consistent simplicity, efficiency and precision. This is how we have been setting standards for years in a wide range of applications from civil engineering to interior design. As the Austrian market leader for premium spirit levels, we offer a diverse product range that includes, among other things, metre rods, straightedges, measuring tapes, angles, marking tools, laser rangefinders and an individual laser programme.

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Sola carpenter's square ZWCA 600

Carpenter's square 600 mm SOLA with marking holes red powder-coated

From €28.06 *
Sola aluminium Spirit Level Red 3 60

Sola Red 3 spirit level made of aluminium with patented Sola Focus bubble.

From €51.30 *
Sola spirit level GO! magnetic CLIP

The Sola compact spirit level made of polyamide with a neodymium magnet

€16.59 *
sola p40.jpg
SOLA spirit level P 40 | abrasion resistant, special plastic

Spirit level PF 40 made of special red plastic - abrasion resistant. Ideal for tiles and ceramics.

€14.99 *
PTF 25-1.png
SOLA PTF 25 Torpedo-Wasserwaage Kunststoff 25cm

Torpedo spirit level made of ABS plastic. Ideal for tiles and stoneware: no abrasion! 25cm

€15.86 *
Sola PTM 5 20.png
SOLA PTM 5 20 | Torpedo spirit level with magnetic strip

Handy spirit level made of ABS plastic with magnetic strip- length 20cm.

€7.15 *
SRG 250-1.png
Sola SRG 250 Joiner's square 25cm

Blued spring-steel blade with 250 mm length for a glare-free work and easy reading of measurements

€18.13 *
Sola AZM 40 aluminum magnetic spirit level

Tubular profile spirit level made of aluminum with neodymium magnet. 40cm.

€38.50 *
SOLA spirit level AZB 40

Tubular profile spirit level made of aluminium | 400mm. Best quality Made in Austria

€23.16 *
Sola carpenter's angle red SRC 200

Sola joiner's square made of spring steel (scaling mm / inch)

From €11.43 *
Sola Post Spirit Level JP

Allows you to align pillars and posts easily and quickly

€13.29 *
Sola Small Spirit Level R102 green SB

Spirit level Mini made of non-conductive and break-resistant acrylic glass.

€17.18 *
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