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The SOLA brand is characterised by perfect measuring tools. As a specialist in measuring and marking, we have been manufacturing a wide range of products for over 70 years, with which we provide targeted support to craftsmen in the construction industry. Our approach is to develop our products as closely as possible to the needs of our customers and to continuously optimise them.

SOLA brand product innovations are characterised by consistent simplicity, efficiency and precision. This is how we have been setting standards for years in a wide range of applications from civil engineering to interior design. As the Austrian market leader for premium spirit levels, we offer a diverse product range that includes, among other things, metre rods, straightedges, measuring tapes, angles, marking tools, laser rangefinders and an individual laser programme.

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Sola aluminium Spirit Level Red 3 60
Shatterproof acrylic glass block vials with magnifying lens (+60 %) and 30-year leakproof guarantee Better readability in twilight thanks to optimised SOLA luminous coating Highest measuring precision in normal and envelope position...
From €40.00 *
Sola Level RED Digital 60 cm
MEASURING INCLINATIONS AND ANGLES DIGITALLY The RED digital is used wherever slopes, inclines or angles need to be determined quickly and accurately. These are precision spirit levels with an integrated electronic inclination module and...
From €128.35 *
Sola spirit level GO! magnetic CLIP
BENEFITS GO! MAGNETIC Better, faster and more accurate reading through the patented SOLA FOCUS vials Break-resistant acrylic block vials with magnifying lens (+60%) and a 30 year guarantee against leakage Better readability in dim light...
€15.50 *
SOLA Go! Smart Digital Inclinometer and Slope Meter
The digital GO! smart from SOLA combines the functions of a spirit level, an inclinometer and a protractor in a single device. Equipped with a backlit display and a magnetic base with a V-groove, this compact tool is great for a variety...
€65.00 *
Sola Aluminium Spirit Level Big Red 3 120
FEATURES: Better, faster and more accurate reading due to patented SOLAFOCUS vials. Shatterproof acrylic glass block vials with magnifying lens (+60 %) and 30-year leakproof guarantee Better readability in twilight thanks to optimised...
From €78.30 *
Sola Electric | Marking spirit level | 40cm
PRACTICAL The electrician's scale allows 4 markings at 71 mm standard distance VERSATILE Measurement, adjustment and marking possible in horizontal and vertical position STABLE The aluminium profile ensures maximum stability, even when...
€30.60 *
sola p40.jpg
SOLA spirit level P 40 | abrasion resistant, special plastic
The Sola P40 is a plastic spirit level that is perfect for tiling, as it leaves no traces of abrasion. It is also resistant to water, heat and cold. The unbreakable block vials with a magnifying lens (+20%) and SOLA luminous coating make...
€14.99 *
PTF 25-1.png
SOLA PTF 25 Torpedo-Wasserwaage Kunststoff 25cm
Better, faster and more accurate reading thanks to patented SOLA FOCUS vials Better readability in dim light due to optimized SOLA luminous coating Low weight, distortion-free profile shape Break-resistant acrylic glass block vials with...
€13.55 *
Sola PTM 5 20.png
SOLA PTM 5 20 | Torpedo spirit level with magnetic strip
Compact, lightweight, handy Resistant to water, heat and cold Break-resistant acrylic glass tubular vials Magnetic strip with high adhesive force APPLICATIONS PTM 5 Horizontal measurement Vertical measurement Angle/inclination...
€6.56 *
SRG 250-1.png
Sola SRG 250 Joiner's square 25cm
Robust aluminum handle with wide stop Blued spring steel blade for glare-free work and easy reading of measurement results Easy to read, wear-resistant scale Integrated 45°/135° miter fence Technical details Scaling: mm/cm, 2-part,...
€20.80 *
Sola AZM 40 aluminum magnetic spirit level
Better, faster and more accurate reading thanks to patented SOLA FOCUS vials Better readability in twilight thanks to optimized SOLA luminous coating Very high measuring accuracy in normal and envelope position Lateral magnet...
€35.35 *
SOLA spirit level AZB 40
Besser, schneller und genauer Ablesen durch patentierte SOLA-FOCUS-Libellen Bessere Ablesbarkeit bei Dämmerlicht durch optimierten SOLA-Leuchtbelag Sehr hohe Messgenauigkeit in Normal- und Umschlaglage Bruchfeste Acrylglas-Blocklibellen...
€25.38 *
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