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When the Iserlohn tinkerer and inventor Josef Heuer invented a new design of drop-forged vices with the revolutionary double prismatic guide in 1925, the Brockhaus company in Plettenberg, Sauerland, was already one of the largest drop forges in Germany.

Farsightedly recognising the importance of the invention, the company acquired the patent in 1927 and began manufacturing this vice. This was the birth of the HEUER vice, which is now world-famous and has been tried and tested millions of times over.

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HEUER Compact 120 mm vice
small, fast, flexible The HEUER Compact thanks its name to its very efficient design. Functionality was a key factor here and this with the customary high quality of ­Brockhaus HEUER. The ingenious thing about it is the all new,...
€173.01 *
HEUER table clamp 100 mm | for vice
The four screw holders are matched to the HEUER vice 100 or 120. Flexible without drilling The HEUER table clamp is the ideal solution for attaching the vice flexibly to the worktop. It allows the vice to be mounted and dismounted...
From €41.46 *
Magnefix protective jaws type N 140 mm
The jaws are made of aluminium with a hardness between copper and lead. 6 grooves hold the workpiece securely. A deeper groove is used for secure clamping of thin shafts, pins, etc.
€31.93 *
Magnefix protective jaws type F 140 mm
The clamping surface is made of fibre with a special layered structure. Even when clamping heated workpieces, the fibre coating does not deform.
€35.30 *
Magnefix protective jaws type NP 160 mm
The jaws are made of aluminium with a hardness between copper and lead. One horizontal prism and three vertical prisms of different sizes enable the clamping of round and oval workpieces. The 90° recess in the upper part of the jaws...
€41.12 *
HEUER Turntable 100 mm | for vice
Die besonders positiven Eigenschaften sind konstruktionsbedingt. Denn der HEUER Drehteller hat eine geschlossene Aufnahmeplatte. Diese verhindert das Eindringen von Schmutz und Schleifspänen in die Führung. Stahlgeschmiedeter Drehkranz...
€43.70 *
HEUER Stand-Lift 120
The adaptation of the vice to body size is an especially important factor for trainees in schools or trainee workshops, in order to avoid incorrect body posture and its serious consequences. Items of different height, sizes and shapes...
€284.05 *