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When the Iserlohn tinkerer and inventor Josef Heuer invented a new design of drop-forged vices with the revolutionary double prismatic guide in 1925, the Brockhaus company in Plettenberg, Sauerland, was already one of the largest drop forges in Germany.

Farsightedly recognising the importance of the invention, the company acquired the patent in 1927 and began manufacturing this vice. This was the birth of the HEUER vice, which is now world-famous and has been tried and tested millions of times over.

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HEUER Compact 120 mm vice

With a weight of 4.5 Kg and a powerful griping power of 10 kN it is the lightweight in its category. Of course the HEUER Compact offers enhanced clamping depth options and it is remarkably expandable with many standard accessory items from Bro...

€173.01 *
Heuer Lift 100

HEUER Lift height adjustment for the HEUER vice. The perfect complement for an ergonomic workplace. 

€196.42 *
HEUER table clamp 100 mm | for vice

The HEUER table clamp can be mounted and dismounted easily and quickly in just a few steps. The powerful clamping spindle with the proven HEUER spindle spanner ensures easy and safe operation. 

From €41.46 *
Magnefix protective jaws type N 140 mm

Type N (Neutral): Clamping of coarse to medium-fine machined workpieces.  

€31.93 *
Magnefix protective jaws type F 140 mm

Type F (fibre) protective jaws for Heuer vice: Clamping of workpieces with finely milled or planed and ground or polished surfaces.   

€35.30 *
Magnefix protective jaws type NP 160 mm

Type P (Prisms) for Heuer vices: Clamping of workpieces in various shapes 

€41.12 *
HEUER Turntable 100 mm | for vice

Thanks to the HEUER rotary table, the vice can be rotated freely through 360°. Exactly the position you need for machining the workpiece.

€43.70 *
HEUER Stand-Lift 120

No matter which differing body sizes, tool sizes and type of work top be carried out, HEUER Stand-Lift units enable the perfect operating position to be adjusted effortlessly to the vice.  

€284.05 *
HEUER Vice with replaceable jaws 140 mm

HEUER Vice with screwed-on replaceable jaws - with corrugated and smooth work surfaces, available in sizes 120, 140 and 160 mm.

€350.11 *