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Helko - Quality through tradition

The tradition of the HELKO brand to supply high quality axes and splitting tools goes back to the year 1844. HELKO's philosophy is to support the users' joy and satisfaction in their work effectively with high quality tools.

With our innovative in-house developments of the brands TOMAHAWK and VARIO as well as LUCAS, new, ergonomically convincing tools round off our extensive range. We want to cultivate this tradition with our newly launched TRADITIONAL and CLASSIC lines and thus bring the good old woodworking craft back to the fore.

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Axe Expedition 2000 g
Handmade in Germany The Expedition is as big as they come, and is the workhorse of the Classic line. This serious working axe is best reserved for the heaviest and most difficult jobs. The size may be intimidating to newcomers, but the...
€132.00 *
Helko-Feuerwehrbeil-mit Einreißpickel.jpg
Fireman´s Hatchet 1000 g
With ripper pick, ash handle and blade guard. Length: 50cm Weight: 1kg Hickory handle Cutting edge protection
€29.90 *
Helko Splitting Wedge | Steel 1500gr.
zum Spalten von Holz und dicken Stämmen Material: gehärteter Stahl Gewicht 1500gr.
€9.00 *
Fireman Axe, international model
length: 90cm weight: 2,7kg Hickory handle Cutting edge protection
€61.20 *
Axt Forester 1600 g
Handmade in Germany The Forester is a highly capable, full-size general purpose axe. Its 3 ½ pound head provides enough heft and power for most cutting and felling work. It is big enough to take down medium and large trees without...
€125.00 *
Pathfinder Ax 700g with oiled 38 cm hickory handle
The Pathfinder is comfortable to hold, well balanced, and unfailingly dependable. It performs well at making kindling, limbing branches, general yard work, and is a reliable camp or packing tool. The hammerhead poll may be used to drive...
€75.00 *
Hudson Bay Camp Hatchet
The Hudson Bay Camp Hatchet is Helko's smallest hatchet, practical for novices and seasoned explorers alike. Compact and lightweight, this handy tool is perfect for scouting, camping, backpacking, and general yard work. The hammerhead...
€45.00 *
Journeyman Pack Axe 700g with oiled 50 cm...
The Classic Journeyman is the ultimate wilderness pack axe. A cross between a hatchet and conventional axe, this pack axe is designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to carry while trekking through the wilderness. The weight and...
€88.00 *
Nordic Splitting Axe 2500 g
Handmade in Germany Our Classic Nordic Splitting Axeis a heavy duty, straight-handled splitting axe, designed solely for difficult splitting work. The 5 ½ pound head is capable of splitting large rounds, difficult logs, and tough...
€127.00 *