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Quality. Out of passion.
GEDORE has been manufacturing high-quality professional hand and special tools in Remscheid for 100 years: tools for life. From our beginnings in 1919 as a small forge to the present day, uncompromising quality and proximity to our customers have characterised our actions - and form the basis of our success.

We want people all over the world to work more safely and productively with our tools. That is our incentive. Your individual requirements are our focus. We work for this with all our strength, care and passion. Because we want to inspire you: with our strong brands and product lines, innovative ideas, the best products and with solutions that really bring you forward. Of course, we also want to offer you the best service: Through competent contact partners, short distances and the right solutions for your individual needs.

GEDORE has been owned exclusively by the founding family for three generations, and the fourth generation has already been appointed to the management. As an owner-managed company, we are committed to sustainable successful growth. We think long-term and operate soundly. In order to secure our success for the future, we have arranged the company succession at an early stage.

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Gedore Ring slogging spanner 22 mm

This Gedore impact ring spanner (22mm) is manufactured in high industrial quality for tough continuous use and for particularly heavy assemblies.  

From €22.65 *
Gedore Combination spanner 13 mm

This Gedore ring spanner with UD profile in 13mm is made of high industrial quality for tough continuous use.  

From €8.85 *
Gedore Plastic hammer d 22 mm

This Gedore plastic hammer Ø 22mm has exchangeable heads made of impact-resistant cellulose acetate.

From €8.53 *
Gedore Splitting chisel, 240x26x4 mm

The Gedore slotted chisel is uniformly through-hardened over its entire length and carefully tempered, the working ends are ground bright and clear-coated.  

€5.69 *
Gedore Crowfoot spanner 13 mm

  The Gedore crowfoot spanner is an angled open-end wrench for working in hard-to-reach places.

From €27.67 *
Gedore Bricklayer's hammer, Berlin pattern 600 g

This Gedore mason's hammer with a tubular steel handle and plastic handle is extremely stable and robust.  

€25.94 *
Gedore Single open ended spanner 6 mm

This Gedore open-end wrench is carefully forged and professionally processed, overloading is indicated by deformation.  

From €2.76 *
Gedore Gasket scraper 240 mm

Premium GEDORE 133 K gasket scraper for precise sealing work. Durable plastic handle and robust blade. Ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts!

€22.40 *
Gedore Hook Wrench | DIN 1810 Form A | 16-20mm

This Gedore hook wrench (16-20mm) is for tightening and loosening locknuts according to DIN 981.  

From €11.21 *
Gedore Pipe shears for plastic pipes 63 mm

GEDORE pipe shears 2268-3: Precise cutting of plastic pipes up to 63 mm. Robust design, ergonomic, replaceable blades. Ideal for professionals.

€100.23 *
Gedore Hook Wrench | DIN 1810 Form B | 16-18mm

This Gedore hook wrench (16-18mm) is for tightening and loosening cruciform nuts according to DIN 1816.  

From €13.32 *
Gedore Parallel jaw grip wrench

These Gedore parallel gripping pliers with serrated jaws are hot forged and tempered.  

€66.03 *