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Starrett hole sawing accessories

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Starrett A2-1 Arbor Sds Plus
Fitted with a 6.35mm (1/4") high speed steel pilot drill. Fits Hole Saw Diameter (mm) 32mm to 210mm Fits Hole Saw Diameter (in) 1-1/4” to 8-1/4” Fits Chuck Size (mm) 13mm Fits Chuck Size (in) 1/2” Shank Size (mm) 11mm Shank Size (in) 7/16” Screw Thread 5/8-18 Drill (HSS) Yes Drill (Carbide Tipped) No Drill Length (mm) 79mm Drill Length (in)
€35.85 *
STARRETT holder for hole saws A 10
The Starrett A10 Quick Hitch Arbor with 6.35mm (1/4") high speed steel pilot drill and 8.75mm (11/32") hex shank, fits hole saw diameters 32 - 210mm (1.1/4" - 8.9/32"). A set screw in the body allows for easy replacement of the pilot drill. Quick Hitch arbors permit instant change of hole saws without tools or removing the arbor from the chuck.
€14.35 *
Starrett Xa2 Arbor
Shank size 11mm (7/16"). Screw thread 5/8"-18. Fits hole saws from 32-210mm (1.1./4 - 8.9/32") diameter Arbor suitable for use with demanding cutting applications - e.g. Ceramic tiles Quick hitch arbor, allowing instant change of hole saw without tools and without removing the arbor from the chuck.
€31.19 *
STARRETT Arbor A1 14-30 mm
The Starrett A1 Arbor with 6.35mm (1/4") high speed steel pilot drill and 8.75mm (11/32") hex shank, fits hole saw diameters 14-30mm (9/16" - 1.3/16"). A set screw in the body allows for easy replacement of the pilot drill. Screw thread 1/2" - 20.
€8.99 *
Starrett A6-5 Kwik Change Arbor Carbide Drill
A6-5 Kwik Change Arbor Kit with Carbide Tipped Drill contains: - A6 Kwik Change Chuck with Hex Shank - One A6-2 Arbor for 9/16" - 1-3/16" (14-30mm) dia. Hole Saws - One A6-3 Arbor for 1-1/4" - 6" (32-152mm) dia. Hole Saws - One XA015C Carbide Tipped Pilot Drill
€30.44 *
Starrett A4E Arbor
Fits hole saws from 14-30mm (9/16-1.3/16") diameter Arbor suitable for use with MPH Hole Saws Supplied with a longer pilot drill to allow for the deeper cutting depth of the MPH hole saw. Fits Hole Saw Diameter (mm): 14mm to 30mm Fits Hole Saw Diameter (in): 9/16" to 1-3/16" Fits Chuck Size (mm): 6.5mm Fits Chuck Size (in): 1/4" Shank Size (mm): 6.5mm Shank Size (in): 1/4"...
€7.94 *
Starrett A17-38 Locking Arbor
Der Starrett A17-38 Verriegelungsdorn mit Hochgeschwindigkeitsstahl-Pilotbohrer 6,35 mm (1/4") und 8,75 mm (11/32") Sechskantschaft, geeignet für Lochsägedurchmesser 32-210 mm (1,1/4"-8,9/32"). Der Dorn rastet fest an der Säge ein, wodurch Vibrationen vermieden werden, und ist von unschätzbarem Wert bei außergewöhnlich schwierigen Arbeiten und Produktionsläufen.
€18.85 *
Starrett Bma2 Sds Adaptor
€13.76 *
Starrett-Quick Hitch-A2E.jpg
Starrett A2E arbor HSS with Quick-Hitch and extra long center drill.
The Quick-Hitch™ arbor makes it possible to change the hole saw immediately and without tools, without having to remove the arbor from the chuck. For hole saw diameters from 32-210 mm (1.25 inches - 8.28 inches). Shank size: 11 mm (7/16 inch), hexagon. Chuck size: 1/2 in. (13 mm). Screw thread: 5/8 inch
€16.13 *
BMA 2240.jpg
Starrett Bma2240 Sds Adaptor 240mm
Short hexagon shank adapter for core drilling machines For use on a hand drill The size of the shank is 240 mm The size of the shank is 240 millimeters in its length Suitable for an internally tapped chuck on an SDS drill bit
€17.69 *
Starrett A19 "Oops" Arbor
The A19 'Oops' Arbor is for use in conjunction with either the A1, A2 or A10 type hole saw arbors (e.g. A1-1, XA2, A1E etc). Replacing the pilot drill, the 'Oops' Arbor allows diameters to be enlarged by attaching a saw of the same size to that of the existing hole. thereby acting as a pilot for the larger diameter saw. Minimum hole enlargement is 4.7mm (3/16") between the...
€14.87 *
Starrett A6 Kwik Change Chuck
Fast, tool-free changes between different sizes and types of Hole Saws and Pilot Drills. Provides a simple method for core ejection and hole enlargement. A6 Kwik Change Chuck for use with Hole Saws up to 6"/152mm diameter.
€20.29 *
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