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Lever Clamps

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Piher LIGHT PAL | Lever Clamp 16cm
The Piher PAL Light is not only a simple lever clamp, but also an expanding clamp. With an impressive clamping force of 120 kg, it is the ideal tool for anyone who values precision and versatility. The highlights at a glance: Lightweight...
From €15.64 *
Piher Lever Clamp PAL 12 x 6cm
The Piher lever clamp PAL is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs maximum efficiency and reliability in their workshop or on the construction site. This forged steel screw clamp is not only incredibly robust, but also extremely...
From €33.90 *
Piher PAL Lever Clamp | Set of 2 | 12x6 cm
Are you ready to take your tool collection to the next level? The P30612 Set V from V-Toolstore is just the thing for craftsmen who value quality, versatility and reliability. This set isn't just a simple set of tools, it's an investment...
From €74.43 *
Piher LIGHT PAL | Lever Clamp 16cm | Set of 2
Are you tired of handling bulky and heavy clamps that are more frustration than help? The Piher Lever Clamp LIGHT PAL | Set of 2 is here to revolutionize your workshop experience! These lever clamps aren't just any tool; they're your...
From €35.90 *