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ECommerce_Ready-WD-40 Multifunktionsprodukt Smart Straw 400ml 49425.jpg
WD-40 Multi-Use Penetrant Spray 400ml Smart Straw
WD-40 Multi-Use Smart Straw is the same reliable Multi-Use Product, specially designed for precision application. The Smart Straw applicator is great for reaching those tight spaces in gears and mechanisms. Thanks to the clever...
€9.30 *
RS22001 CHAIN and DRIVE Spray hi.png
Rocol Chain & Drive Spray 300ml
Displaces water, penetrates, lubricates and protects against corrosion effectively, especially in wet and aggressive conditions. Temperature range -30°C to 150°C Excellent EP performance (200 kg weld load) Excellent penetration Tough...
€14.50 *
RS12441 SAPPHIRE Advance 2 380g hi.png
The ultimate multi-purpose grease offering outstanding performance when compared to other conventional greases. Excels in high speed applications such as electric motors and fan bearings.
€14.50 *
RS10025 DRY MOLY Spray hi.gif
Rocol DRY MOLY Spray
Product information High purity, extreme load dry film molybdenum disulphide spray designed for use where a wet lubricant cannot be tolerated. DRY MOLY Spray is applied wet for great penetration, becoming touch dry within 2 – 3 minutes,...
€26.50 *
RS69515 COLD GALVANISING Spray hi.gif
Rocol Cold Galvanising Spray 400ml
For use where more costly plating and coating processes are not justified for cost reasons, or for those large components that cannot be protected against corrosion using a heat treatment process. The product can also be used to repair...
€22.10 *
RS53081 RTD Chlorine Free Spray hi.png
Rocol RTD CHLORINE FREE Spray 400ml
ROCOL® RTD Chlorine Free Spray applies an economical film of metal cutting fluid directly to the cutting engagement area, particularly in areas where access proves difficult. - Chlorine Free - Features: Excellent cutting performance....
€22.50 *
RS53072 RTD Liquid 400ml hi.gif
Rocol RTD Liquid
ROCOL RTD is suitable for all metals including hardened steels, Nimonic grades and titanium alloys. This product significantly reduces friction and provides excellent cutting performance. ROCOL® Liquid can also be added to standard...
€30.46 *
RS53041 RTD Foamcut Spray hi.gif
Rocol RTD FOAMCUT Spray 300ml
ROCOL® Foamcut is suitable for all metal cutting operations on a wide range of non-ferrous and ferrous metals including copper, brass and aluminium. The foaming action ensures that the lubricant quickly penetrates to the cutting edges...
€36.14 *
RS53023 RTD Compound 500g hi.png
Rocol RTD Compound Cutting Paste 500g
RTD Compound is a soft paste for use in threading and drilling and other metal cutting operations. It is ideal as a cutting fluid and coolant. ROCOL® RTD Compound is suitable for all metals including hardened steels, Nimonic grades and...
€21.16 *
RS53011 RTD Spray hi.png
Rocol RTD Spray
RTD Spray 400ml is an aerosol applied metal cutting lubricant consisting of a concentrate of extreme pressure additives - suitable as a cutting fluid and coolant. ROCOL® RTD Spray applies an economical film of metal cutting fluid...
€21.50 *
Rocol MOISTURE GUARD Green Rust Protection Spray 400ml
ROCOL® MOISTURE GUARD Green Spray ist ein grünes Rostschutzspray, welches einen dünnen, nahezu trockenen Korrosionsschutzfilm hinterlässt, der für den vorübergehenden Indoor-Schutz von Komponenten wie z. B. Lagern, Zahnrädern,...
€26.50 *