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Products from Viking Arm Hebewerkzeug

Viking Arm Hebewerkzeug

Innovative tool for lifting, bracing, tightening, aligning, supporting with only one hand.

The two main functions of the Viking Arm are lifting heavy objects and bracing elements such as parquet. The patented locking and releasing solution allows the tool to be released quickly and in a controlled manner.

Sturdy construction with the highest quality stainless steel and aluminium components. Applications: Positioning and aligning heavy objects. Hanging and aligning doors and windows. Floor laying / patio construction.

Advantages: High productivity during installation work. Stable and durable construction. Components of the highest quality. Patented solution ensures precision and safety.

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Viking Arm Tool Gen.2 Lifting Tool
With a lifting capacity of up to 150 kg, the possible applications are almost unlimited. The installation of doors, windows, cabinets and kitchen appliances is obvious, but also flooring and the construction of canopies, terraces and...
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