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The benchmark for precision tools for over 35 years.

Since the first "Workstation" was produced in 1976, precision has been at the heart of the Triton philosophy. This philosophy continues to be central to the design of every single Triton tool in Australia. From the award-winning laser-guided routers and circular saws to the industry-celebrated Superjaws jigs and 2000 Series Workcenters, if you're looking for a reliable tool for precise, high-quality work, you can count on Triton. Register online to receive regular updates on exciting and innovative new Triton products.

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SuperJaws Portable Clamping System SJA200
Clamping range 0-955mm / 0-37 1/2". Foot-operated clamping allows hands-free operation. Extra-wide tripod base maximises stability for large workpieces.
€144.00 *