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TrigJig tools are designed and developed in the UK by HICI Ltd. The company, which stands for "Home Improvement and Construction Innovation", was founded to develop and manufacture innovative new products for the construction and DIY industry.

TrigJig is the flagship product range of digital protractors, innovative angles and accessories. All products are designed to solve common problems faced by construction professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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TrigJig AF6 MKII Angle Finder

The TrigJig Protractor AF6 MKII is the perfect protractor with triple display and made in the UK from the best materials.

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€74.50 *
TrigJig Taschen-Winkel PS100

The perfect TriJig pocket square for carpenters! The innovative design results in a slim and robust tool that fits in the palm of your hand!

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€89.60 *
Glyder 82 combination square (without ruler) | red-black

Innovative combination square with push-hold mechanism (right-handed version). Colour red-black.

€114.50 *
TrigJig stop bracket RSA180 LE | with spirit level | red-black

The TrigJig fixed rafter square RSA180F was designed to be used at home at any time, clever functions have been built in to make this possible.

€154.50 *
TrigJig AF6 MKII Stubby Winkelmesser mit kurzem Schenkel

This AF6 MKII Angle Finder Stubby is ideal for areas with restricted access.

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€74.50 *
TrigJig RSA300 Adjustable Rafter Square

The TrigJig RSA300A rafter square has an adjustable stop - designed for marking and scribing roof trusses

€154.99 *
TrigJig RSA180 Adjustable Rafter Square

The TrigJig RSA180A Adjustable Rafter Square features a convenient adjustable stop that allows the user to “set and forget” when marking multiple trusses.

€129.99 *
TrigJig fixed rafter square RSA300F

The RSA300F is a top class Rafter Square made of CNC milled aluminium with 300 mm leg length and a spirit level.

€169.99 *
TrigJig Carpenter Square CS180 | 180mm | new version
TrigJig Carpenter Square CS180 | 180mm | new version

The TrigJig Carpenter Square CS180 is designed for workshops where quality and pride in craftsmanship are paramount.

From €105.50 *
Trigjig T660 Viperbite Dual T-Square

The T-piece on the Trigjig T660D can be mounted on either side and 100 mm below the ruler to create use as a saw guide.

€149.50 *
Trigjig T660 Viperbite T-Square

The Trigjig T660 T-bracket has a length of 660 mm and has marking holes every 150 mm, additionally at 610 mm.

€149.50 *
TrigJig AF4 Angle Finder | red-black

Der Winkelmesser AF4 von TrigJig ist dein handlicher Begleiter im Hosentaschenformat in Premium Qualität

€68.90 *
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