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When you look at a ToughBuilt product, you'll probably think, "I wish I'd thought of that." In a way, you have. Because before we start designing, we spend hours watching hard-working professionals like you at work. Then we figure out how to make your life easier, better and faster.


You probably own a tool that belonged to your father. It's been sharpened, oiled, sanded smooth and still works like it did on day one. That's the kind of tool we make. We design every ToughBuilt product to last.

We invent, develop, test and inspect every ToughBuilt product in the USA, manufacture each one to our strict quality standards and back it up with a limited lifetime warranty.


Some people think you have to pay a lot to get the best of everything. For us, that's not true. We are craftsmen, designers, engineers and manufacturing experts. We pride ourselves on designing every ToughBuilt tool to give you unparalleled performance. Like you, we work hard to work smarter. We pride ourselves on offering build quality and innovation at a price that's affordable for almost everyone. Innovation made affordable.

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Toughbuilt Cutter Knife with Blade Magazine | TB-H4S2-03 Reload Utility Knife
ToughBuilt leads through innovation, and the Reload Utility Knife is a breakaway example of how we continue to disrupt markets that have remained unchanged for far too long. The patented quick-reloading blade mechanism is actuated by a...
€28.00 *
TB-H4S5-013000x3000 (13).jpg
Toughbuilt Scraper Utility Knife + 5 Blades
ToughBuilt’s new Scraper Utility Knife is an innovative 2-in-1 tool expertly crafted from pro-grade materials and backed by a Limited Lifetime (call 800-288-4695 for quick, courteous customer service). It features a patented mechanism...
€25.50 *
ToughBuilt 3pc ClipTech Hubs
Hubs can easily attach to any belt, ClipTech bag or tote, ClipTech Wall Organizer, or screwed to a wall or joist. Your pouches and tools can be organized and moved as needed on your belt, in your garage, on the jobsite, or in the back of...
€9.90 *
ToughBuilt Modular Hammer Loop
It is specifically designed to securely hold a hammer and keep cords uncluttered close at hand. A unique strap firmly holds a power cord on the loop. Featuring unyielding, rivet-reinforced ABS and steel construction, this extreme-duty...
€7.90 *
Toughbuilt Blade for Scraper 2in1 3-Pack
ToughBuilt® Utility Knife Blades keep your utility knife working optimally throughout the most rigorous jobs. Made from durable, precision-honed carbon steel to provide long-lasting use. The straightedge blades deliver precise and...
€10.50 *
ToughBuilt Small Electrician Pouch
This pouch is designed for the ever-changing needs of the professional electrician. Made specifically for an electrician's tools, its 13 pockets and loops include a wire-tester pocket, adjustable tool pocket, notebook pocket, tape chain,...
€36.50 *
ToughBuilt Utility Pouch
Its 6 pockets and loops – including plastic-lined utility knife pocket, pencil and screw driver pockets – make it perfect for smaller jobs. It holds a surprising number of tools in compact package. Works great alone, or enhances any...
€12.50 *
ToughBuilt Project Pouch / Hammer Loop
The patented ClipTech™ Hub™ allows the pouch to clip on and off any belt so it is carried only when it is needed or when it is the only thing you need. Its 6 pockets and loops – including a high capacity pocket with No-Snag Hidden Seam™...
€21.50 *
ToughBuilt C700 Sawhorse height adjustable | Pair
Work trestles are versatile in their use and are most often used as - Stands for worktops on construction sites - Supports for sawing operations - Underframes for work platforms Powder coated and galvanised surfaces Rolled edges for...
€189.90 *
ToughBuilt Technician Pouch
This pouch has 11 pockets and loops, including 4 pockets designed specifically for long-handled tools making it perfect for smaller jobs. Works great alone, or enhances any ClipTech™ toolbelt. With rugged construction and heavy-duty...
€19.50 *
ToughBuilt Specialist Drill Holster
This pouch has 15 pockets and loops, including a No-Snag Hidden Seam screw pocket, 2 screw driver loops, covered accessory pocket, 7 drill bit pockets and carabiner attachments loops. Works great alone for both left and right-handed use,...
€34.90 *
ToughBuilt Compact Drill Holster
This pouch has 15 pockets and loops, including a No-Snag Hidden Seam screw pocket, 2 screw driver loops, covered accessory pocket, 7 drill bit pockets and carabiner attachments loops. Works great alone for both left and right-handed use,...
€21.90 *
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