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Founded as a tape measure manufacturer in 1909, TAJIMA now produces over 1000 premium hand tools under the TAJIMA brand.

TAJIMA is now a multinational company with production facilities worldwide.The ambitious ideas of excellent design, selection of materials, production and quality control procedures are considered the highest standard for all tools.

All TAJIMA employees ensure that the function, quality, shape and design of the tools meet the wishes and expectations of the users.

TAJIMA brand tools are recognised worldwide for exceptional product features and function at the highest level of quality, rarely found in today's industry.

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Tajima Cutter Knife TAJ-DFC-569 B Quick Back
Black Cutter with extremely sharp, 18 mm long blade made of premium steel, unique driver tip and a universal fin at the end of the handle. The original Tajima Quick-Back system allows safe handling through an automatic blade retraction....
€8.05 *
Tajima Cartridge Press | Convoy Super 26
The cartridge press for very viscous materials. New mechanics for excellent squeezing force. Sophisticated handle and operating comfort with 360° turning function and non-slip grip. Additionally reinforced housing and welded joints....
€32.70 *
Tajima Cutter Knife Driver Cutter 18 mm with Push Button
Handle with 2 components With screwdriver tip for screwing, opening can lids, etc. With an 18 mm RAZAR Black detachable blade Blade container provides extra space for 2 blades Extra strong metal blade guide Includes 3 RAZAR Black...
€9.17 *
Tajima Scraper SCR-M 75
Scraper for multifunctional applications: 1. flat end for corners and inaccessible areas. 2. large loop for removing nails and pins. 3. rounded end for pipes and other round surfaces. With impact cap
€15.40 *
Tajima Cuttermesser | Dorafin Cutter DFC 560W
18mm cutter knife with RAZAR BLACK blade. Lightweight 2-component elastomer handle for optimal handling. The fin at the end of the handle is used to open boxes, score thick cardboard and remove can lids. The ultra-sharp RAZAR BLACK blade...
€11.50 *
Tajima Messwinkel SLANT 200
Rotating dual scale protractor with magnetic rail, spirit level and aluminium frame. For one-handed measuring of angles and inclinations. easy to use protractor - sole with flat measuring surface Aluminium housing with magnet rotating...
€48.05 *
Tajima pull saw Pull 265 R / SB
Precision hacksaw with straight, round handle. The saw blade has a cross section with 3 teeth. All teeth are induction hardened. This makes it possible to saw in the grain direction and across the grain direction in all types of wood....
€24.87 *
Tajima Cartridge Press | Convoy Just
For squeezing out cartridges up to 310ml. Suitable for silicone, acrylic, MS polymer, various adhesives and sealants. Non-serrated push rod ensures optimum power transmission and precise dispensing. Features - Run-on stop function...
€13.90 *
Tajima Schaber SCR-C 75 | Scrape Rite Solid Core
SCRAPE RITE SOLID CORE Universal scraper forged from one piece of stainless steel. With impact plate at the top end. The force of the blow is thus transferred directly to the workpiece. Therefore excellent tool control. Extra robust...
€17.90 *