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The Swanson Speed® square is one of the few tools whose name is recognised by contractors and DIYers worldwide! Swanson believes that the high quality and accuracy of the product has kept the Swanson® name in the minds of their customers for over 90 years. Some of the recent improvements to the Speed® protractor include finer graduations for better accuracy, black-filled graduations for easier reading, a matte finish to eliminate glare, and most recently, the Diamond® cut-out. This feature makes layout work and seat cuts on common rafters easy and is one of Swanson® Tool Company's exclusive trademarks. From the original Speed® angle to the complete range of Swanson® tools, the products are the definitive benchmark for quality and craftsmanship. 

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Swanson Metric Speed Square | Carpenters Square
With the Speed Square you have a tool in your hand that makes it easy to cut a wide variety of angles and lengths in different combinations on a workpiece. Of course, you can also easily measure angles with the Speed Square. A "must...
€34.90 *
Swanson Metric Speed Square 18cm | Carpenter's...
The Swanson Metric Speed Square is a carpenter's square/scribing square with machined degrees. With the Speedsquare you have a tool in your hand that makes it easy to mark off various angles and lengths in different combinations on a...
€20.50 *