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For more than 60 years, STEINEL has been inventing and developing technological products that are far ahead of their time and can certainly change entire markets. This tradition is just as alive today as it was then. Innovative inventions in tune with people's needs. For us, STEINEL is a future model with a history.

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STEINEL Hot Air Blower 1620 S | 1600W
The entry into the world of hot air. Drying the plaster, lighting the barbecue or finally waxing the skis again: there is a lot to do around the house and elsewhere. It's good to have professional support. The HL 1620 S hot-air blower...
€48.61 *
STEINEL Hot air blower HL 1920 E | 2000W
A versatile tool for peeling and welding foils, welding plastics, shrinking cables, shaping, soldering, drying, thawing, removing paint and more. For demanding work. High-quality workmanship and a perfectly balanced centre of gravity...
€59.81 *
STEINEL Hot Air Blower HL 1821 S
Drying, welding, shaping, loosening, smoothing, foiling and much more - the powerful HL 1821 S hot air blower is the all-rounder for clever DIYers. Fire up the barbecue, weld tarpaulins, peel paint, remove weeds, shrink cables, defrost...
€29.99 *
STEINEL Heissluftgebläse HG 2220 E
STEINEL Heissluftgebläse HG 2220 E
€129.77 *