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Stehle has been developing and producing high-quality woodworking tools for the trade for over 100 years.

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Stehle circular saw blade ZWS 250x3,2/2,2x30 Z=60
Machine: Circular table saws - Special machines - for format cuts in wood materials Design: tooth form: alternating tooth "WS" - cutting material: HW TC06 Advantages: optimum adaptation to cutting quality, feed rate and material...
From €68.08 *
Stehle circular saw blade HKS - Massiv 230x2,8/1,8x30 Z= 18WS
Machines - Hand-held circular saws - Circular cross-cut and mitre saws Application - For longitudinal and cross cuts in solid woods Design - Tooth form: Alternate tooth "WS - Cutting material: HW TC10 Technical data Diameter (mm): 230...
From €30.73 *