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The L.S. Starrett Company, founded in 1880, manufactures more than 5,000 variations of Precision Tools, Gages, Measuring Instruments and Saw Blades for industrial, professional and consumer markets worldwide.

Starrett, a leader who has set the standard for fine precision tools in industry for over 140 years, has rightfully earned the title, "World's Greatest Toolmakers".

"Like all businesses, however large or complex, this one started with a man and an idea. The man was Laroy S. Starrett; his idea was 'to invent something useful that people would want.' Countless others have had a similar idea, the difference here was in the quality of the man. L.S. Starrett’s outstanding characteristic was confidence in himself; he was a man who in spite of one setback after another refused to admit defeat. He had unusual ability, vision and enterprise, but without his high courage this story of the foundation and growth of 'the world’s greatest toolmakers' could never have been written..."

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Starrett "FastCut" Bi-Metal Hole Saw 24 mm
Starrett "FastCut" Bi-Metal Hole Saw 24 mm
New tooth material for enhanced heat and wear resistance and greater product life. Ideal for stainless and mild steel sheet and tubes with wall thickness of up to 3mm (1/8”). New 5.5 TPI / 25mm tooth form provides a smoother, faster cut...
From €8.92 *
Starrett DB2 Debris Collector
Der Auffangbehälter hat eine flexible Schale zum Sammeln von Bohrstaub. Zeitsparender Sammler zum Sammeln von Projektabfällen beim Sägen. Hält Staub und Schutt vom Bohrmotor fern. Geeignet für Lochsägen bis einschließlich 4 3/4" (121 mm)
€35.83 *
Starrett 505P-7 Pro-Site Protractor
FEATURES Easy-to use tool has two laser engraved scales Miter cut scale transfers readings directly to the miter saw for miter joints Single cut scale transfers readings directly to the miter saw for butt joints Protractor saves time and...
€40.82 *
STARRETT Automatic Center Punch 18 A 5"
Case diameter: 14 mm Marking drill hole centers or screw positions has never been so easy. No need for a hammer, just place the drill at the desired position and press the centre punch. The built-in mechanism triggers an impact, the...
€50.03 *
Starrett 13MA Millimeter Reading Double Square...
Starrett 13 squares are very popular with machinists, toolmakers, and patternmakers. The sliding blades are adjustable making it practical for a wide variety of uses. The faces of the head are ground square. 100mm with Graduated Blade...
€91.50 *
Starrett Bu3 Jigsaw Blade Assorted
Enthaltene Sägeblätter: BU41014, BU214, BU224, BU224S und BU232. Starrett Stichsägeblätter mit vereinheitlichtem Schaft passen zu praktisch allen Stichsägeblattmaschinen Starrett bi metal Unique schafft ein Blatt mit außergewöhnlich...
€8.77 *
Starrett D0096 14mm Diamond Holesaw
Starrett D0096 14mm Diamond Holesaw
Ideal for glass, ceramics, brick, stone, and other abrasive materials, the ultimate hole saw for hard-to-cut materials. Smooth surface finish, ideal when cutting glass and ceramics. Supported by a comprehensive range of arbors with...
From €21.72 *
Starrett "DeepCut" Bi-Metal Hole Saw 19 mm
Starrett "DeepCut" Bi-Metal Hole Saw 19 mm
Aggressive material penetration and kerf clearance. Ideal for solid materials or tubes of a wall thickness greater than 3mm. 51mm hole saw depth improves cutting performance on tubes, particularly where there is a need to cut through...
From €8.92 *
Starrett Ctd15 Deepcut C/T Hsaw 15mm
Starrett Ctd15 Deepcut C/T Hsaw 15mm
The new Starrett Carbide Tipped Deep Cut hole saw (CTD) is the perfect solution for repeated intensive drilling in mild and stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper of all thicknesses up to and including 25mm (1”). Starrett CTD...
From €26.85 *
STARRETT holder for hole saws A 10
The Starrett A10 Quick Hitch Arbor with 6.35mm (1/4") high speed steel pilot drill and 8.75mm (11/32") hex shank, fits hole saw diameters 32 - 210mm (1.1/4" - 8.9/32"). A set screw in the body allows for easy replacement of the pilot...
€17.39 *
Starrett Xa2 Arbor
Shank size 11mm (7/16"). Screw thread 5/8"-18. Fits hole saws from 32-210mm (1.1./4 - 8.9/32") diameter Arbor suitable for use with demanding cutting applications - e.g. Ceramic tiles Quick hitch arbor, allowing instant change of hole...
€37.81 *
STARRETT Arbor A1 14-30 mm
The Starrett A1 Arbor with 6.35mm (1/4") high speed steel pilot drill and 8.75mm (11/32") hex shank, fits hole saw diameters 14-30mm (9/16" - 1.3/16"). A set screw in the body allows for easy replacement of the pilot drill. Screw thread...
€10.89 *
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