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Rocol Cold Galvanising Spray 400ml

COLD GALVANISING Spray is a zinc-rich corrosion protection for long-term protection of metal components that require permanent coating (zinc spray dark).

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  • RS69515
  • Rocol
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  • Optimaler galvanischer Schutz
For use where more costly plating and coating processes are not justified for cost reasons, or... more
Product information "Rocol Cold Galvanising Spray 400ml"

For use where more costly plating and coating processes are not justified for cost reasons, or for those large components that cannot be protected against corrosion using a heat treatment process. The product can also be used to repair the surface of galvanized components that have been damaged or scratched.


  • Temperature range 1800C to 3000C
  • Designed for high temperature applications only below 300 rpm
  • No significant deposit formation - extends part life
  • Evaporates slowly at high temperatures leaving a
  • Molybdenum disulfide film left behind

Directions for use:

HT 70 can be used in normally grease lubricated bearings and applied by high pressure hand grease gun or by spatula. Just enough product is applied to thoroughly wet all running surfaces. Over-application will result in leakage from the bearing.

It is recommended that bearings are cleaned prior to initial application of ROCOL HT 70 to ensure minimal deposit formation.

  • HT 70 is not suitable for application by automatic lubrication systems.
  • Store in a warm place to facilitate hand pumping.
  • Do not use in closed systems that may inhibit the evaporation process

Technical data:

  • Appearance Dark gray viscous liquid
  • Base type Hydrocarbon polymer
  • Solids Molybdenum disulfide
  • Temperature range 1800C to 3000C
  • Viscosity of base fluid at 40°C 13 000 cSt
  • Viscosity of base fluid at 100°C 315 cSt
  • Storage Storage temperature should be controlled from 1 to 40°C.
  • Shell 4-ball (IP 239)(ASTM D2596)

  • Welding load 180 kg
  • Average Hertz load 38 kg

Hersteller Rocol
ROCOL - Lubricants for the Industry ROCOL is part of ITW, a US Fortune 150 multinational... more
Supplier information "Rocol"

ROCOL - Lubricants for the Industry

ROCOL is part of ITW, a US Fortune 150 multinational company. We develop, manufacture and market technically advanced industrial lubricants and line marking systems for industry worldwide.

ROCOL was founded on the work of Victor Ivanovitch Ragosine, who was born in Russia and graduated from the University of Moscow in 1854 with a degree in chemistry.

Based in Leeds, UK, the origins of our company date back to 1878 when Victor Ragosine developed a yellow lubricating oil which he subsequently sold throughout Europe. Unlike other lubricants, the yellow oil was virtually non-corrosive, making it technically superior to other available products.

In 1882, British agency manager Ernest Glehn bought out Victor and the Russian parent company to form Ragosine and Company, which later evolved into ROCOL.

Although we have made significant advances over the years, our ethos is still the same - to develop highly engineered products that are better quality than the competition and give you performance you can trust.

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