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Rockler Hold Down Clamp, 5-1/2''L x 1-1/8''W
Universal clamp made from solid anodised aluminium for maximum clamping of workpieces while machining. Rubber tips grip items securely and prevent marring. Ideal for use with drill press tables, benches, cut-off tables and CNC tables....
€19.46 *
Rockler Feather Lock
Protects hands and reduces the risk of kickback, jamming and bending of saw blades. For use with circular table saws to hold long workpieces at the fence or to attach to the fence to prevent workpiece kickout. With mounting option for...
€24.50 *
Rockler 17-Piece Universal T-Track Kit
Aluminium jig track with unique stacked-slot design. For building matching jigs, repetitive cut set-ups and adjustable stops. Includes basic components to create shop-built jigs for joinery and repetitive machining. Allows attachment of...
€70.78 *
Rockler Glue Bottle with Standard Spout
Easy-to-clean plastic glue bottle and spout. Nozzle can be cut to set flow rate, while sealing cap prevents tip clogging up. Tall, narrow profile is ideal for all hand sizes. Bottle accepts Rocklers line of gluing accessories, including...
€6.50 *
Rockler Bandy Clamp Set with Tension Band Size S
Rockler Bandy Clamp Set with Tension Band Size S
Proprietary rubber band made from a tough, tear-resistant material, with 3 extra-strength splines. Large, ultra-grip clamp pads hold tight without slipping. Pivoting jaws accommodate angled pieces and allow full pad contact regardless of...
From €24.50 *