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Products from Pica


Practical marking tools for professional users

Made for the tough everyday work of tradesmen

With products such as Pica-Ink Deep Hole Markers, Pica-Dry Longlife Automatic Pens and Pica-Gel Signal Markers, Pica-Marker has already modernised marking in industry and the trades. With technical expertise gained from decades of experience in the writing instrument industry and the inventive spirit of the company's founder Gerhard Möck, the company has succeeded time and again in bringing extremely useful and practical product details into the everyday life of craftsmen.

The best examples of this are: The "adjustable telescopic tip" in the Pica-Ink, which enables a significantly longer product life, or the "integrated sharpener in the protector" of the Pica-Dry. These details have already set standards and make work on the construction site, in the workshop or on the factory floor easier every day.

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Pica DRY Longlife Automatic Pen
Its new "Power Lock" mechanism inside is a milestone in development: The duration of the refill holding force has been tripled. The durability of the product has thus been noticeably improved once again Unique: "LONGLIFE CAP" with...
€8.60 *
Pica Deep Hole Marker INK | black
Pica Deep Hole Marker INK | black
Ideal for hard to reach places Writes waterproof on almost all dry surfaces Practical quiver saver with special clip for perfect one-hand operation Permanent alcohol-based ink, removable with alcohol/spirit from smooth surfaces...
From €7.80 *
Pica BIG DRY spare refill set FOR ALL (12 pcs.)
the replacement leads are suitable for almost all materials whether dry or wet, smooth or rough, dusty or oily, the function of the leads is not impaired when painting over materials with emulsion paint, the lead colour does not bleed...
€9.50 *
Pica DRY Minen-Set Basis 4020
PICA marker Pica-Dry refills 4020 for deep hole marker Marks and writes on all material surfaces, even on dusty, rough, oily damp and dark surfaces Can be wiped off on smooth surfaces with a damp cloth Contents: 8 refills (graphite 4...
€6.33 *
Pica BIG DRY Carpenter Pencil
Very robust and longlasting With lead sharpener for precise marking down to the millimeter Automatic lead feed at the push of a button Refillable with different leads, for most versatile capabilities Unique high-tech push mechanism...
€12.23 *
Pica VISOR permanent refills white, 4 refills/case
For waterproof markings on almost all material surfaces, from glassy smooth to very rough Never dries out Always full power, from the first to the last stroke Highly economical: 1 refill replaces up to 5 conventional ink or paint markers...
€3.50 *
Pica Lead-Set "For All" for BIG Dry <6030>
universal – for almost all materials: dry or wet, smooth or rough, dusty or oily Can be wiped clean from smooth surfaces with a damp cloth Does not show through when painted over with dispersion paint
€9.83 *
Pica VISOR permanent longlife industrial marker, yellow
Refillable in a few seconds With waterproof "MULTI-USE" marking chalk Extremely insensitive and versatile for waterproof markings on almost all material surfaces Highly economical: 1 refill replaces up to 5 conventional ink or paint...
€7.99 *
Pica Tube marking paste, 50ml, white
Pica Tube marking paste, 50ml, white
For permanent, abrasion-resistant and waterproof markings The mark is still visible after extreme temperatures Almost corrosion-free marking tip made of brass with stainless steel ball Ø 3 mm Content 50 ml
€3.93 *
Pica MASTER-SET Carpenter
Included in this set: - 1x Pica BIG Dry Longlife Construction Marker - 1x Pica BIG Dry refill set FOR ALL, graphite, red, white - 1x Pica Dry Longlife Automatic Pen - 1x Pica Dry refill set graphite FOR ALL 2B - 1x Pica Visor Permanent...
€43.50 *
Pica Dry graphite refills 4030
Pica Dry graphite refills 4030
writes on all material surfaces water soluble 10x graphite leads ideal for marking tiles when wet cutting Ø 2,8mm x length 125mm
From €5.56 *
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