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Products from NT


For easier, safer, more comfortable and beautiful work.

A cutter knife is easy to use and a familiar tool of the trade.

NT Inc. pioneered cutter knives by designing and manufacturing products that are suitable for a variety of people, from children to adults, and for a variety of different applications.

Our first priority in developing our products is usability and safety for every user; therefore, we have always developed the products to work better, more efficiently and have a better design, focusing solely on details.

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NT Cutter Metal Cartridge Auto-Lock L L-2000RP
with two blades material: metal material of the blade: metal 18mm cutterblade
€24.97 *
NT Cutter Metal Auto-Lock L-500 GRP (SB)
with one blade with auto-lock-mechanism and pressurekey-mechanism material: metal blade-material: metal
€7.10 *
NT Cuttermesser A-300 GRP (SB)
with push-button- and auto-lock-mechanism with one blade with detachable cap material: metal blade material: metal
€4.96 *
NT Cutter Safety Cutter R-1200
Sicherheitskartonöffner zum Öffnen von Kartons und Folien (Abb 1) sowie zum Herausziehen von Paketklammern (Abb 2). Jedem Sicherheitskartonöffner liegt eine Ersatzklinge bei (Abb 4). Der Klingenwechsel ist leicht über eine Schraube zu...
€24.95 *