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Voltage Tester

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Laserliner Voltage Detector ActiveFinder Pro
The contactless voltage tester enables a high level of work safety by detecting existing AC voltage. The device determines the polarity of L/N conductors, detects live lines even at greater depths and locates electrical voltages in...
€20.98 *
Futech Voltpen 200-12 | Voltage Tester with LED...
Non-contact, single-pole voltage detector detects AC voltages above 12V or above 200V with an audible and visual signal. Robust housing with safety specification CAT IV - 1000V, small size and built-in LED torch Robust housing with...
€23.21 *
Spannungsprüfer AC-tiveFinder 083.010A
Locates electrical voltages in cables, sockets, lamp sockets and fuses Finds wire breaks in wires and cables-CAT III - 1000V - Can be used for measurements on the entire building installation - Very high sensitivity for tracing lines at...
€14.41 *
Spannungsprüfer AC-tiveTester 083.020A
By using the 2-pole voltage tester, DC and AC voltages can be determined. The device also gives information about the polarity. The ActiveTester can be used in many different ways, detects the most important nominal voltages and can be...
€14.18 *
Single pole voltage tester with clip VDE 140 mm
According to DIN VDE 0680-6:1977-04 Voltage Range: 120 – 250 V Material of Handle: SAN-plastic Material of Blade: Tool steel C60 Made in Germany With push-on clip made of metal
€0.76 *
Futech volt tester 4.6A | voltage tester 2-pole
Technical Data LED voltage range12 V to 1,000 V AC/DC LED resolution± 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400, 690, 1,000 V AC/ DC Tolerance rangesCompliant with EN 61243-3:2014 Frequency range0/40 Hz to 400 Hz Response time≤ 1 sec. Automatic...
€93.50 *