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Measuring tapes

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Lufkin Executive® Diameter Pocket Tape Measure...
The “Executive Thinline” tape measure is a compact and ergonomic tape measure that can be used quickly and flexibly on the go. It was developed for measuring diameters of pipes, cables, tires. Blade pressure on both sides to convert...
€17.15 *
Sola Tape Measure (16 mm) Uni-Matic UM 5 m
The Uni-Matic roller tape measure has a strong backstop that holds the tape at any extension length. The high-quality multiple coating protects the tape measure from abrasion and corrosion. The sliding end hook provides an accurate...
€16.77 *
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Lufkin 19mm x 5m L500 Series Power Tape
The tape measure has a durable and long-lasting ABS housing and a sturdy sliding tape lock. Hi-Viz® colors make the tool easy to find. High quality at an affordable price. Other features: Unique lock for optimal operation Length: 5m
€6.97 *
Lufkin Pee Wee Pocket Tape Measure 6mm x 2m
The body of the pocket tape measure is impact resistant and black. There is a tape retraction device. The tape measure is not replaceable.
€4.40 *
Lufkin long roll tape measure 20mx10mm
The tape measure has a 3:1 gear ratio for faster, more convenient rewinding. In addition, the measure has precise, easy-to-read black and red tape scales and an impact and shock resistant ABS housing with non-slip grip.
From €14.80 *
Lufkin 10mm x 10m Banner Long Tape Measure
Robust, vinyl-coated steel housing Large, smooth-running return crank and tension washers Nylon rollers gently guide the tape out of and into the housing. The prefix "YB" means that the measuring tape has a ring, the zero point is 10cm...
From €31.30 *
Lufkin 13mm x 3m Universal Pocket Tape Measure
The tape measure is small and compact, the clamp holds the tape measure at any length. It has a removable belt clip and automatic tape rewind. The housing is impact resistant. The tape has a length of 3m.
From €8.61 *
Lufkin Rollmaßband 8M/26Ft
3: 1 gear ratio for faster, more convenient rolling up Precise, easy-to-read black and red tape scales Impact and shock-proof ABS housing with non-slip handle
€15.10 *
Hultafors tape measure Talmeter 2 m
Hultafors tape measure Talmeter 2 m
The Talmeter tape measure is made of white, impact-resistant steel tape and has an ABS case. The diameter scale is located on the back of the tape. The circular function is optimal for marking round shapes. Other features: Width 16mm...
From €19.62 *
Hultafors tape measure 4m
Hultafors tape measure 4m
The tape measure has a polyester-coated stainless steel band and a stainless steel spring. The graduation of the band is applied with high-precision inkjet printing to offer optimal contrast and precision when measuring. The case is made...
From €29.70 *

Measuring tapes