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Production has been going on in the beautiful Rhine Valley in Switzerland since the 70s.

As a manufacturer of non-metallic measuring tools, the plastics factory can look back on decades of successful replacement of metal - since the 70s.
In addition to the long-standing production facilities, there are in-house printing machines that enable the finishing of the measuring tools by pad printing.

Since Buchs pays great attention to efficiency, the products go through automated processes in-house, from the raw material to the finished measuring tool. By sourcing the raw materials from Swiss suppliers, the folding rules always maintain a resource-conscious value chain.

From the heart of Europe, close to the triangle of countries Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Kunststofffabrik Buchs is represented with hand-held measuring tools almost worldwide.

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LongLife All in One Folding Ruler 2m white
Material: 30% fiberglass reinforced polyamide, scratch, scratch and moisture resistant. Scale: Angle scale from 20 to 90° (outside contact) Depth scale up to 150 mm 2m duplex scale with reverse auxiliary scale "recto verso" for reading...
€9.50 *
LongLife 2m-LL-Plus-massstab.png
LongLife glass fibre folding ruler (black, 2m)
Material Fibreglass-reinforced polyamide is resistant to scratching, scoring and bending, is water-resistant and resistant to chemicals. Joint Backlash-free, wear-free and dirt-resistant construction joint with spring rod for evenly high...
€6.30 *
LongLife Folding Ruler 1 m yellow
- Material : Fiberglass - reinforced p olyamide is scratch, scratch and particularly bending - resistant, water - resistant and resistant to chemicals . - Joint : Free of play, we ar a n d dirt - insensitive construct ion joint with...
€4.50 *