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Lobster Tool - History

In 1888, the first product we introduced to the world was the hair clipper. As we soon entered the 20th century, we started producing hair clippers in our factory, which is said to have been the largest in Japan. On our 40th anniversary, we started producing the monkey spanner. It was not long before we succeeded in producing the country's first fully enclosed closed-die forging process and established a firm position in the tool industry. Since then, we have produced one work tool after another, such as energy saving tools, diamond tools, as well as many other power, hydraulic and piping tools. Today, the Lobster brand covers the entire spectrum of tools and is absolutely trusted in the market.

Constantly at the forefront of reorganisation, we continue to implement new systems and adopt the latest management innovations. The two most important aspects of our products, safety and ease of use, as embodied in a tool like the hair clipper, have gained a sufficient foothold in our company. The past century was one built on trust between a man and his tools. It is this heritage that will help us earn that trust for the next century.

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Lobster HR-200_01.jpg
Lobster Hand Riveter HR-200

Hand Riveter made in Japan. Sets rivets up to 4mm.

€34.50 *