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The LASERLINER® brand - Innovation in Tools.
UMAREX is expanding in more than 40 countries under the LASERLINER® brand as an international premium partner in the field of modern measuring technology. The high technical standard distinguishes the LASERLINER® range. It is constantly expanded and accompanied by target-oriented brand communication. In this way, LASERLINER® is constantly opening up new customer segments.

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Spannungsprüfer AC-tiveFinder 083.010A
Locates electrical voltages in cables, sockets, lamp sockets and fuses Finds wire breaks in wires and cables-CAT III - 1000V - Can be used for measurements on the entire building installation - Very high sensitivity for tracing lines at...
€14.41 *
Spannungsprüfer AC-tiveTester 083.020A
By using the 2-pole voltage tester, DC and AC voltages can be determined. The device also gives information about the polarity. The ActiveTester can be used in many different ways, detects the most important nominal voltages and can be...
€14.18 *
Laserliner Voltage Detector ActiveFinder Pro
The contactless voltage tester enables a high level of work safety by detecting existing AC voltage. The device determines the polarity of L/N conductors, detects live lines even at greater depths and locates electrical voltages in...
€20.98 *