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Schwaiger Tools products are handmade and produced in Austria.

The dedicated team at Schwaiger has been working hard for years to be a competent partner for satisfied customers in the wholesale and retail trade sectors. At a time when the big companies are increasingly setting the tone, you will miss one thing more and more: "Success is the engine of our company, quality is our concern, enthusiastic customers are our goal".


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Korpuszwinge Verlängerung TOP 1 200 Maxifix.png
Verlängerung Korpuszwinge 1.000 mm mit Steckbolzen
Sometimes the standard length of a screw clamp is simply not enough. For such cases, there is the extension for the Maxifix body clamp from IQ-Tools. The advantages of the extension at a glance: More flexibility: with a length of 1,000...
€41.50 *
Korpuszwinge TOP 1 200 Maxifix von Schwaigertools.png
TOP 1200 Body Clamp (200 - 1220 mm)
The right clamp can make the difference between a perfect and a mediocre result. With the TOP 1200 carcase clamp from IQ-Tools, you get a versatile clamping tool designed specifically for carcases. Why this carcase clamp? Versatility:...
€86.20 *
PWE0011A - Türheber 200kg.jpg
Door Lifter Senior 200 kg
The door lifter is a practical tool that facilitates the lateral swinging of doors. With a rotating bucket part, it enables easy and safe lifting. The door lifter has a high load capacity of up to 200 kg and offers an optimal force ratio...
€83.82 *
PWE0011 - Türheber 120kg.jpg
Door Lifter Junior 120 kg
The door lifter is a practical tool for lifting, swiveling and lowering doors. With simple foot pressure, doors weighing up to 120 kg can be lifted and moved effortlessly. The door lifter also makes it easy to hook and unhook doors....
€40.76 *