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Toughbuilt-TB-H4-70-11-Pro Grip-Schere.jpg
ToughBuilt Pro Grip Shears 11"
Unique Design: The ToughBuilt Pro Grip Shears are the new ergonomic benchmark for jobsite shears. The patent-pending handles wrap around the thumb to deliver the cutting strength of a clenched fist. Tough and durable: Titanium-coated stainless steel blades prevent cutting. A serrated edge, extended tangs and bolts enhance control and durability. Comfort and control: This is...
€24.00 *
Wiss 7" / 178mmTitanium Coated Utility Scissor
Titan-Beschichtung ist 3X härter als Stahl für längere Lebensdauer Federbelastete Klingen für reduzierte Ermüdung bei wiederholten Schnitten Größere, hochbelastbare Edelstahl-Klingen für zusätzliche Haltbarkeit und Festigkeit Gezahnte Klinge greift Materialien sicher für mehr gleichmäßiges Schneiden Für anspruchsvolle Arbeiten
€25.69 *
Wiss 10" Industrial Shear, Bent Handle
Commonly used in cutting fabrics, upholstery, and composite materials Precision ground blades provide sharper cutting edges and a longer blade life Handle rings designed to comfortably fit users hands Configure the SET-EASY® pivot adjustment to match your preference Hot drop-forged nickel-plated blades Tanto-style serrated blade
€39.50 *
Wiss MPX5 Multi-Purpose Cutter
Great for cutting sheet metal, plastics, vinyl, carpet, gutters, cardboard, paper, screen, wire mesh, hose, roof shingles, wallpaper, cloth, leather, and much more Blade design includes a twine cutter, wire cutter, bottle opener, and wire bending holes for added versatility 3" blade for making long cuts in a wide range of materials Serrated blade helps hold material firmly...
€19.50 *