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ToughBuilt Seamer 3"
Made for durability and longer life and backed by a full lifetime warranty. The patent pending ergonomic grip design allows 2 hand positions: rearward grip for maximum leverage, and forward grip for maximum control. The flush pivot bolt will not hang up on material for easy use. The metal lock secures the tool for storage and is easily operated with one hand. This seamer is...
€26.50 *
Lobster HR-200_01.jpg
Lobster Hand Riveter HR-200
■ For professional and home use ■ Built-in damper reduces weight of shock ■ Sets rivets up to 4.0 mm (5/32”) Floating Jawcase Mechanism
€34.50 *
GESIPA Flipper | Hand Riveter
The Flipper hand-held blind riveter for perfect one-handed use is a robust, stable setting tool with rivet mandrel collecting container. The one-handed operation enables a reduction in the amount of force required by approx. 40 percent. In addition, the flipper has an ergonomic design, because when the human hand closes, the force increases - this knowledge is put to good...
€73.00 *
Malco Metal Stud Crimper PL1R
The PL1R Metal Stud Crimper features a unique punch and die shape that creates a rectangular crimp connection by bending over layered thicknesses of channel and stud at one time to form a sturdy bond without the use of fasteners. The crimp is always the proper strength and resists stress from any angle. The tool fits inside the smallest stud and runner. Handles spring back...
€162.00 *
Special pliers for notching recesses in plastic strips and housings in electrical and sanitary installations The cutouts can be enlarged by pre- and post-cutting Clean cut edges, no reworking on the cut profile With opening spring, opening limiter and pawl Pliers body: special tool steel, rolled, oil-hardened capacity: 16 x 32 mm
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