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ToughBuilt Seamer 3"
Made for durability and longer life and backed by a full lifetime warranty. The patent pending ergonomic grip design allows 2 hand positions: rearward grip for maximum leverage, and forward grip for maximum control. The flush pivot bolt...
€26.50 *
Lobster HR-200_01.jpg
Lobster Hand Riveter HR-200
■ For professional and home use ■ Built-in damper reduces weight of shock ■ Sets rivets up to 4.0 mm (5/32”) Floating Jawcase Mechanism
€34.50 *
GESIPA Flipper | Hand Riveter
The Flipper hand-held blind riveter for perfect one-handed use is a robust, stable setting tool with rivet mandrel collecting container. The one-handed operation enables a reduction in the amount of force required by approx. 40 percent....
€73.00 *
Malco Metal Stud Crimper PL1R
The PL1R Metal Stud Crimper features a unique punch and die shape that creates a rectangular crimp connection by bending over layered thicknesses of channel and stud at one time to form a sturdy bond without the use of fasteners. The...
€162.00 *
Special pliers for notching recesses in plastic strips and housings in electrical and sanitary installations The cutouts can be enlarged by pre- and post-cutting Clean cut edges, no reworking on the cut profile With opening spring,...
From €51.36 *
Wiss Blechschere M1X Gerade, Links
Blade serrations hold material firmly and spread cutting force uniformly across blade edge, improving cut quality and tool life Handle design and compound-leverage mechanism make cutting easier and reduce hand fatigue
€27.56 *
Gearwrench Pitbull pliers set | 4pcs | water pump pliers, side cutters, combination pliers
FEATURES K9™ jaw design for a strong grip, even when on a 35° angle High leverage joint design provides up to 35% greater cutting power Aggressive angled teeth for increased grip Cross hatched jaw tooth design for gripping and pulling...
€104.50 *
EDMA BABY-FIX¨ BRICO - assembly pliers for universal dowels made of metal
EDMA BABY-FIX¨ BRICO - assembly pliers for universal dowels made of metal
Easy reset by pushing the handle all the way down. Minimal space requirement Effortless application Hardened steel tong arms and jaws
From €14.04 *