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Gesipa - the professionals in blind riveting technology

Riveting tools are used in almost all areas of trade and industry, because blind rivet technology connects parts made of metal and other materials. Another application is the insertion of internal or external threads with blind rivet nuts and studs into thin sheet metal. In industry, the technology is mainly used by car manufacturers and suppliers or in air conditioning and building technology.

The AccuBird Pro sets blind rivets with a diameter of up to five millimetres of all materials up to four times faster than commercially available battery-powered setting tools, comparable to the performance of compressed air-powered tools. The BLDC motors work almost wear-free and are therefore very durable. The Bird Pro series fits particularly well in the hand thanks to its ergonomic shape.

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GESIPA Flipper | Hand Riveter
The Flipper hand-held blind riveter for perfect one-handed use is a robust, stable setting tool with rivet mandrel collecting container. The one-handed operation enables a reduction in the amount of force required by approx. 40 percent....
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