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Products from Estwing


Estwing is a family business since 1923

The Estwing Manufactury was founded in 1923 by Ernest Estwing in Rockford/Illinois, approx. 140 km north of Chicago, and has been a family-run company ever since.

Since the beginning, Estwing has manufactured a wide variety of percussion tools such as lath hammers for carpenters, geologists' hammers for archaeologists, locksmith's hammers for industry and claw hammers.

The range also includes special hammers for precision work by goldsmiths and instrument makers or powerful sledgehammers for demolition work. For some years now, Estwing has been using the knowledge gained from almost a century of production to also manufacture high-quality axes and hatchets.

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Estwing carpenter's hatchet leather handle
Smooth track Very robust, forged from one piece of tool steel under the highest quality standards Total weight 910g, diameter 90mm, length 330mm Made in USA - the bestseller from America.
€89.00 *
Clawhammer Curved with Leather Grip 450g (16 oz)
Curved claw and smooth face Very robust, forged under highest quality standards from one piece of tool steel head weight 450g, diameter 25mm, length 320mm, total weight 630g The best hammer in America - Estwing made in USA
€56.50 *
Estwing Hammer Curved Claw Smooth Face 16oz - Blue Nylon Grip - E316C
Solid forged in one piece Full polished head and handle neck Unsurpassed balance and temper Made in the USA Available with Leather or Shock Resistant Nylon Vinyl Grip Genuine America Steel
From €49.50 *
Estwing Framing Hammer Sure Strike 25 oz.
€51.25 *