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Bleispitz - Innovative marking tools

For more than 20 years Bleispitz has been concentrating on the development, production and distribution of innovative marking tools. Today, we are one of the world's leading suppliers in this product segment and supply well-known companies in the industrial, construction, forestry, automotive and trade sectors. Our new products are developed in close cooperation with craftsmen professionals from a wide range of trades.

Responsibility for the environment and nature
From the very beginning, Bleispitz has focused on environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging solutions. Local and FSC-certified wood from sustainable forestry is used in the production of our wood-cased craft pencils. Wood waste from production is used to heat the production halls and the new Bleispitz headquarters with central warehouse is heated with geothermal energy.

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0099 Profi-Marker und Minen Produkt (2).jpg
BLEISPITZ Lead Graphit for Profimarker

5 all-purpose refills for the Bleispitz professional marker

From €2.31 *
Bleispitz dry Tiefloch-Marker.jpg
BLEISPITZ Dry Deep Hole Marker Graphit

High-quality deep hole marker e.g. for drilling and assembly work.

€12.05 *
Bleispitz Profi Marker 2018.jpg
BLEISPITZ Profi-Marker with graphite lead

Get it right with the Bleispitz Pro Marker 2018. Precision and quality in your hand!

€9.77 *
1386 Ersatzminen Bleispitz dry Graphit Produkt.jpg
BLEISPITZ Lead Graphite 2,8 mm

Replacement leads for Bleispitz Deep Hole Marker and 2 in 1

€4.32 *
BLEISPITZ Lead Mix for Dry <1416>

2x Graphit, 2x red, 2x yellow

€4.32 *
Bleispitz dry BIG 1546 1.png
BLEISPITZ BIG Dry Mechanical Carpenter´s Pen

Mark like a pro with the Bleispitz Carpenter's Pencil!

€10.99 *
Bleispitz dry 2in1 1492 ohne Kappe.png
Bleispitz Deep Hole Marker 2in1

Reach every corner with the Bleispitz Deep Hole Marker! Need precision? Here's your 2-in-1 tool.

€8.98 *
BLEISPITZ replacement refills BIG Dry (HB 6 pcs.)

Replacement refills for Bleispitz BIG Dry (HB 6 pcs.)

€4.70 *