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Bessey Tool - Innovation with tradition

When it comes to innovative solutions for clamping and fixing workpieces and cutting sheet metal, you've come to the right place. Because regardless of whether classic clamps, traditional sheet metal shears or special solutions for special work requirements are required, BESSEY offers the right clamping and cutting tool for every craftsman in order to support him optimally in his work.

In 2004, BESSEY & Sohn became BESSEY Tool, with its clamping and cutting technology divisions, and BESSEY Präzisionsstahl, the leading German manufacturer- and trade-independent supplier of high-quality bright and stainless steels. This unique positioning of BESSEY as a tool and precision steel manufacturer ensures decisive quality advantages. BESSEY Tool can thus obtain its rail and spindle material directly from BESSEY Präzisionsstahl and thus knows exactly what quality is contained in particularly stressed components. Because bright steels are produced and tested at BESSEY Präzisionsstahl in consistently high quality with the highest precision on state-of-the-art equipment.

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Bessey Bladed jack-knife with aluminium handle...
Features DBKAH-EU Blade change, lever to firmly lock the blade. This mechanism allows a quick and easy blade change. Soft thumb pad, You can easily apply maximum contact pressure via the soft plastic thumb pad. Blade compartment, Spare...
€18.29 *
Bessey Bladed jack-knife with ABS comfort...
Features DBKPH: Blade change, lever to lock the blade firmly in place. This mechanism allows quick and easy blade replacement. Soft thumb pad, You can easily apply maximum contact pressure via the soft plastic thumb pad. Blade...
€17.59 *
Bessey K Body REVO KRE 1250/95
In the world of craftsmanship, precision is the be-all and end-all. With the Bessey REVO KRE 1250/95 body clamp, you get a tool that offers precisely this precision. What makes the Bessey REVO KRE 1250/95 body clamp so special? Versatile...
€89.00 *
TG mit 2K.png
Bessey Malleable cast iron screw clamp TG 300/140
When it comes to clamping workpieces, choosing the right screw clamp is crucial. The Bessey TG 300/140 malleable cast iron screw clamp is an excellent choice. The highlights of the Bessey TG 300/140 malleable cast iron screw clamp:...
€28.83 *
Bessey All-steel screw clamp GZ-2K 120/60
In any workshop where quality, reliability and versatility are valued, Bessey all-steel screw clamps are an indispensable tool. Known for their ruggedness and durability, these screw clamps are the result of decades of innovation and...
From €19.00 *
Bessey Shape and straight cutting snips D216-280L
Are you looking for snips that are both precise and durable? The Bessey D216-280 Ideal scissors are exactly what you need. With an overall length of 280mm and a cutting length of 34mm, it is ideal for continuous straight and figure cuts....
€46.06 *
Bessey Steel strap cutter D122A
Are you looking for an efficient solution for cutting steel strapping? The Bessey Erdi D122A Band Iron Shears are exactly what you need. With an overall length of 260mm and a cutting length of 30mm, it is ideal for precise cuts. It is...
€26.93 *