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Bench Dog - Bench Cookies

"Bench Cookies" with anti-slip rubber surfaces and a resilient centre piece provide a secure hold and prevent the workpiece from slipping during milling, planing, grinding work and much more. Leave no marks on the workpiece and serve as workpiece support during edge and finishing work. Each stopper is 2.5 cm thick, with a diameter of 7 cm. Can be excellently combined with the attachments (143546)!

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„Bench Cookie® Plus”-Package, 4-pc. Set

These workpiece stops, better known as bench cookies, offer your workpiece a secure hold even without screw clamps.

€24.07 *
"Bench Cookie" Risers, 2-pk.

Doubles the height of bench cookie discs.

€6.20 *
Bench Cookie Stege XL.jpg
Bench Cookie XL Bars (4 pcs.)

Set of 4 extra long XL bars for the Bench Cookies

€14.00 *